1705122024 Thank you Gervais

Thank you, Gervais

Thank you Gervais

How many grateful memories must have been possessed by the audience who listened live in the clubs to the monologues of a man as caustic as he was necessary named Lenny Bruce, the dynamite of language who made his laughing listeners blush when they realized that Bruce was all red skipped lines He intended to enforce the system. And what a privilege it must have been to hear Groucho Marx live.

They were replaced by a man of maximum intelligence and grace, provocation, originality and permanent bad mood, named Ricky Gervais. Netflix, the temple of mediocrity, clonal formulas and unorthodox opportunism that seems to greatly delight the average viewer, also, from time to time, offers tasty programs dedicated to minorities with particular preferences. It is an enormous joy and equally astonished by the boldness of the protagonist to see, in a theater with an enthusiastic audience, the challenge Gervais poses to the established idiots, to the new and predatory powers, to political correctness and the ideological coercion imposed by the woke ones Culture imposes what it considers to be inviolable and a threat to those who think differently. Gervais mocks this totalitarian, irrational and oppressive, sectarian, very dangerous religion. The nuns and priests who propagate and enforce it must have a guaranteed salary.

Gervais blasphemes with brilliance and enormous grace. And in some moments you marvel at this guy's steps, but what liberation and laughter they bring to the excited audience. The very smart and wild man protects himself from his challenges by admitting that he is a millionaire and that what he tells are jokes, that he is just a comedian.

These monologues are titled SuperNature and Armageddon. They represent a libertarian delight in a universe ruled by the new Inquisition. This will have its downfall. But there will be others.

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