The Bold and the Beautiful January 26 2024 previews episode

The Bold and the Beautiful, January 26, 2024 previews episode: Ridge doesn't give up and gives Brooke another chance!

Let's discover together the preview of the episode of The Beautiful that will air on January 26, 2024 on Canale5. The plot of the soap episode shows that Ridge will give Brooke another chance to tell him the truth. Forrester will not accept the belief that his wife cheated and lied to him.

The Previews From Nice There discover this in Consequence broadcast Channel 5 The January 26, 2024at 1:45 p.m, Ridge won't lose hope From clarify with Brooke. The Forrester it will be safe who came face to face with his wife, she will confess everything to him and they will solve these misunderstandings together. Thomas will continue To Encourage his father so that Let him be on his side and you're not justifying Logan's actions this time either. In the meantime Brooke, in conversation with HopeThe I'll warn Thomas anyway. It's a shame she's the one in danger and doesn't even know it.

The Bold and the Beautiful Preview: Ridge is ready to give Brooke another chance

There discovery The Brooke actually called The Social Services has shocked Ridge. Neither he nor Thomas have any doubts; There The voice on the recording belongs to Logan. Thomas is angry and accuses his stepmother of stabbing him in the back in the most subtle of ways, but his father doesn't seem to be as angry as he is. ridge indeed it will be so convinced that Brooke will give it to him an explanation soon. The stylist certainly didn't like his wife's actions, but what bothered him the most was that she lied to him and denied calling child protection. However, Ridge will convince himself that once his wife faces her, he will no longer be able to deny anything.

Nice previews: Ridge is ready to face Brooke

Ridge will tell his son again to be I'm sure it will work. He's certainly not happy about what happened, though Brooke will apologize to him both for what he had done and for telling him a lie. The Forrester will be convinced of this and will therefore go to her house to speak to her personally. He will let her reveal everything without losing patience. Thomas won't be happy about that at all. Is it possible that her father still stands by his wife despite such betrayal? It will be a disappointment for the young man and he will think it is his own The time has come to free you forever his stepmother.

Plots and Previews Beautiful: I hope you're tired of Brooke's advice

Liam and Brooke are worried about Hope and they became nagging. There Girl will be pretty tired hearing both her husband and her mother tell her to be careful with Thomas. For them, things could be resolved without so much fear and without so much pressure. Yes, of course Forrester should be careful with knives, but he certainly had no ill intentions. But hope will be convinced Brooke will keep pounding. Logan senior will return Warn daughter about her ex And will ignore it instead of Be the one in danger. Soon a terrible revenge will befall her.

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Nice continues running Channel 5, From Monday to Saturday at 1:45 p.m.