The first semi final of the Benidorm Fest and four other

The first semi-final of the Benidorm Fest and four other proposals that you can see on TV today

La 1 broadcasts the first semi-final of the Benidorm Fest. La 2, for its part, examines data protection and the use of user data on the Internet in a documentos TV report. A new part of the documentary series Inside the Pyramids appears on DMAX. The cinematic terrain is high: an icon of seventies cinema, Serpico, and a masterpiece of the new century, The Dark Knight.

'The Dark Knight'

The Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan

7:30 p.m., TCM

The Dark Knight. USA, 2008 (152 minutes). Director: Christopher Nolan. Cast: Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Maggie Gyllenhaal.

The dark face of Batman characterizes Christopher Nolan's second, feverish approach to the character. The Dark Knight delves into his torment, although the film soon reveals who its true protagonist is: a monumental Joker, played by a superlative Heath Ledger, who has become the absolute master of a story that is equally oppressive, baroque, dense and colorful in parts . Nolan's production does the rest in an essential work of American cinema of this century.


10 p.m., Movistar Classics

Serpico, by Sidney Lumet

USA, 1973 (120 minutes). Director: Sidney Lumet. Actors: Al Pacino, John Randolph, Tony Roberts.

Serpico, one of the highlights of Sidney Lumet's filmography, is characterized by the filmmaker's intention to make critical and angry films, which are almost always characterized by a certain hopelessness. Police corruption is a constant in his work, an area in which he has delivered masterpieces such as The Prince of the City. Frank Serpico is a young police officer who has to confront a police bribery network. His bitter adventures help Lumet create a film with sober direction and great dramatic efficiency.

Secrets of the Pyramids

10:30 p.m., DMAX

Documentary series Inside the Pyramids, broadcast on DMAX

In the documentary series “Inside the Pyramids”, broadcast by DMAX, DMAX looks at the most famous buildings of ancient Egypt. In this episode, he stops by the Great Pyramid of Cheops, the last survivor of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and the largest stone tomb ever built. In addition, explore the Menkaure Pyramid, much smaller than others but rich in architectural innovations.

First semi-final of the Benidorm Fest

10.50 p.m., 1

Participants of the Benidorm Fest 2024

The third edition of the Benidorm Fest begins with the aim of choosing Spain's representative at the Eurovision festival, which will take place in May in the Swedish city of Malmö. 16 artists take part in the festival, which today offers its first semi-final in which Lérica, Noan, Sofía Coll, Mantra, Miss Caffeína, Quique Niza, Angy Fernández and Nebulossa take part. Four of them will be present in Saturday's final.

Privacy on the Internet

11:45 p.m., La 2

Report disappears on the Internet, broadcast on Documentos TV on La 2

The TV sector Documentos is presenting the report Disappears on the Internet for the first time, which analyzes how more and more people want to regain control over their privacy on the Internet in a hyper-connected and monitored world. It also delves into the big business surrounding user data, leading many of them to protect themselves with alternative applications, platforms and networks that replace those of the tech giants.

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