The Foreign Minister of Venezuela called for the Union of

The Foreign Minister of Venezuela called for the Union of the Global South

On his side of President Nicolás Maduro.

Gil explained on the social network that the NAM is called upon to assume “its central role” in the fight against those who promote eternal war and promote plans to, among other things, stop the consolidation of an emerging multipolar world.

In his speech the previous day at the high-level forum, the South American foreign minister expressed the need to move forward with the convening of an international peace conference on Palestine, which he said should be promoted by the United Nations.

The head of Venezuelan diplomacy pointed out that this world meeting must address the root causes of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and promote the full realization of the inalienable rights of the Arab people, such as the creation of a free and independent state.

In addition, he said, they should be made easier to fully join the United Nations, which “has been delayed long enough.”

He called on us to raise our voices and move forward with “urgency, determination and vigor” in calling for an end to the “immediate, sustained, sustained and respected fire” in the Gaza Strip, where more than 24,000 Palestinians, mostly women, live Children died due to Zionist aggression.

Gil denounced the total impunity with which the occupying power operates in this enclave, which, in his opinion, constitutes a true genocide against this heroic people, more than one percent of whom have lost their lives in this latest escalation of the conflict.

It is time for the Non-Aligned Movement to assume with “greater determination and a sense of urgency” the leading role it deserves in efforts to advance the cause of Palestine, which remains the central principle of the NAM. against oppression and occupation, he emphasized.

In his speech, the Bolivarian Foreign Minister also addressed the issue of unilateral coercive measures, pointing out that these are “modern manifestations of neo-colonialism” that violate people’s human rights on a massive scale.

He pointed out that these pressure measures are the “main obstacle” to the realization of the national development plans of countries and peoples.