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The Goodbye – Le Journal de Québec

In commemoration of December 31, 1968. For the first time, Radio-Canada presents an annual review entitled “Bye bye”, which becomes an annual tradition from that date and is held each year on December 31 from 11:00 p.m. to 31: 00 midnight attracts millions of viewers in Quebec. To parody the events of 1968, we call upon singers Donald Lautrec And Martha Fleurant as well as Claude Landre And Françoise Lemieux.

Kaleidoscope Festival

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Photo provided by the festival

Last chance to attend the Kaléidoscope Festival in Old Quebec. The free event, which ends today, features more than 50 stage performances as well as a range of diverse artistic performances including music, theatre, visual arts, literary arts and living heritage. That's why today, from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m., you are invited to discover the four venues: Gardens of the Hôtel de Ville, Place de l'Hôtel de Ville, Rue Sainte-Anne and Place d'Youville. There are a number of restaurants, local delis and microbreweries on site. Initiated by the German Christmas Market of Quebec, the Kaléidoskop Festival is a synthesis of the artistic and festive dynamism of Quebec City by bringing together diverse cultural expertise and the participation of various artistic organizations. Information: kaleidoqc.ca


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The honorable ones Josee Verner (photo), first elected to the House of Commons in 2006 and re-elected in 2008 (Louis St-Laurent), was Minister for International Cooperation, Francophonie and Official Languages ​​and Canadian Heritage and Status of Women and Official Languages, Francophonie, Intergovernmental Affairs of Canada, President of the Privy Council of Queen of Canada, Minister of the Francophonie and Minister responsible for the Quebec Region. She was appointed to the Senate of Canada in June 2011 at the age of 64… Lebron JamesAmerican basketball player in the NBA (Lakers), 39 years old… Tiger WoodsAmerican golfer, considered one of the greatest in the history of his sport, 48 years old… Sylvie MoreauActress and actress from Quebec, 59 years old… Ben JohnsonCanadian 100-meter sprinter, disqualified for doping at the 1988 Seoul Games, 62 years old… Michael Duboisformer host of the blues show Rue D'Auteuil on CKRL 89.1, 78 years old… Andre Pailleformer radio (CHRC 80) and television presenter (Le 745) from Québec Télé-4, 81 years old.

Even in advance

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Happy birthday wishes for tomorrow (December 31st): Veronique CloutierPresenter (radio-television) and actress, 49 years old… Paul GillisNHL hockey player (1982-93) Nordiques, Blackhawks, Whalers), with the Nordiques from 1982 to 1991, 60 years old… Sir Anthony Hopkins, theater and film actor, Oscar for Best Actor in 1992 (The Silence of the Lambs), 86 years old. And for Monday January 1st: Linda Tremblay (Photo 1) from MNBAQ… Anne-Josee Cameron (Photo 2), from the Augustinian monastery… Ross Gaudreault (Photo 3), former CEO of the Port of Quebec.

80 years for a special agent!

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Since Le Journal will not be published tomorrow Sunday or January 1st and 2nd and I will be away at the beginning of 2024, I would like to wish you a happy birthday in advance Real Bilodeau (Photo) from Saints-Anges (in New Beauce), who will be 80 years old on January 2nd. The former chemistry teacher at Saint-Anselme high school has been married to Lise Lehoux for almost 60 years and has four children and eight grandchildren. He spends his free time gardening, reading, cooking, doing puzzles and has been a “secret agent” for several months. When he turned 80, his daughter Stéphanie gave him puzzles to solve and missions to complete. Also, Secret Agent Bilodeau, if you found this article this morning, your mission is accomplished! But rest assured, this note will not self-destruct in the next few seconds. In the photo is Réal with his daughter Stéphanie and his partner Lise.


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December 30, 2022: Johnny Powers (photo), born Dennis Waters, Canadian professional wrestler, co-founder of the National Wrestling Federation (NWF)… 2020: Dawn Wells82 years old, the interpreter of Mary Ann in the cult series The Merry Castaways, which was broadcast in the USA from 1964 to 1967… 2019: Laurel Gardner75 years old, Liberal MP for Arthabaska from 1985-1989… 2018: Claude Gingras87 years old, journalist and music critic… 2015: Howard Davis59 years old, American boxer, champion at the 1976 Summer Olympics… 2010: Tony Proudfoot61 years old, former Montreal Alouettes player… 2010: Bobby Farrell61 years old, singer and dancer of the disco group Boney M… 1970: Sonny Liston38 years old, world heavyweight boxing champion in 1962 and 1964.

Happy New Year, big nose!

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That's it ! We're almost back. In 24 hours we will turn the page to 2023 just to celebrate the beginning of the new year. It's time to take stock and express the usual wishes. I personally wish you and your loved ones my best wishes for health, happiness and peace, so that 2024 is an extraordinary year in every respect. I'm taking a vacation for a few days, see you on this page on Monday, January 15, 2024.