1709679994 The last two students were eliminated

The last two students were eliminated

Friends of Maria De Filippi 2023/2024 March 5, 2024 11:05 p.m


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Friends of Maria De Filippi 2023/2024

The class of students who will be attending the evening Friends finally emerged in the afternoon episode recorded today, Tuesday, March 5th. The previews published by Amici News and SuperGuidaTv revealed the identities of the last two eliminated participants and the students who won the Golden Jersey, finally able to join their classmates already admitted to the evening.

Eliminate Kia and Nahaze

Those eliminated during today's taped episode of Amici were Kia and Nahaze. However, the professors advised both of them to perform again with a view to the next auditions in September. Lil Jolie, Kumo, Ayle, Sarah and Giovanni Instead, they earned the last available jerseys for entry into the evening. Lil Jolie has joined Anna Pettinelli's team. Surprisingly, Ayle was instead given access to the final stage of the program after convincing all the judges who allowed him to continue on his path. Anna Pettinelli notably stated that she preferred it to Nahaze because, although the latter is more in tune, Ayle manages to “convey emotion to her”. Maria De Filippi stopped her to remind her that her single was achieving excellent success, and Pettinelli invited her to return to the next castings. Giovanni, happy to finally be accepted, jumped jubilantly into the arms of teacher Raimondo Todaro. Instead, Lorella Cuccarini explained to Kia that she wanted to see her again at the auditions in September because, although she was prepared, she did not have the time necessary to demonstrate that she had access to the main phase of the program.

The students were divided into three teams

To form the team led by Rudy Zerbi and Alessandra Celentano They will be Petit, Holden, Marisol, Dustin and Kumo. Lorella Cuccarini and Emanuel Lo Instead, they will compete with Sarah, Mida, Nicholas, Lucia and Sofia. Anna Pettinelli and Raimondo Todaro Instead, they will have Giovanni, Gaia, Martina, Lil Jolie and Ayle on the team.