1684025189 The Little Mermaid How Halle Bailey Was Surprised in CDMX

The Little Mermaid: How Halle Bailey Was Surprised in CDMX (PHOTOS)

Actress Halle Bailey, star of The Little Mermaid, has been trending for the past few days. after visiting Mexico City to present the film Disney’s live action.

Against this background, the actress experienced a surprise in a restaurant in the metropolis, because received a special insight into Mexican gastronomy.

The young American shared a video via Instagram in which Various dishes of Mexican culture are appreciated.

You can see in the recording a cupcake with a piñata in the background, some shots on a xochimilco trajinera and some churros in a cart.

The Little Mermaid How Halle Bailey Was Surprised in CDMX

INSTAGRAM / Hallebailey

“Thank you for being so nice to us”are the words the actress posted on a social network.

Halle Bailey fills CDMX with color and awareness

The American actress captured the smile during the presentation of the live-action Disney film, which took place at a shopping mall in Toreo, in the greater Mexico City area.

She wore a white, see-through dress with beads and a long train that resembled a mermaid. The actress lived with the little oneswith whom he took photos and even hugged her.

“This is great, I love being here in Mexico City for the first time, I’m having a great time.” said Halle as they arrived at the blue carpet.

“The film was made with great love, you will see emotions, joy, colors, the magic and beauty of this story and of course Javier Bardem,” he added.

When asked specifically about the controversy that arose over the inclusion of an actress with different physical characteristics than in the animated story, the actress declined to elaborate. He said that people should appreciate, “enjoy and love” what they see..



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