Family members of United States citizens and residents may opt

Family members of United States citizens and residents may opt for the Green Card Cuban Directory

United States citizens and residents can manage the green card for their families through the Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS).

Close relatives, which include unmarried children under the age of 21, are considered when conducting this procedure.

Husbands and wives as well as parents are also included. An I-130 form is required for the relative’s application for permanent residence, and each family member carries one.

The waiting time for the result of the Form I-130 application is not exact. These terms vary depending on the number of existing visas and range from 5 months to more than 3 years.

The steps you need to follow to get a residency permit

The law firm Herman Legal Group published on its digital space the explanation of the processes after the approval of the I-130 document. The items that are checked from this point forward are family relationships, country of origin, and immigration status.

If the Form I-130 petition is approved, the user will receive an Action 2 notification, which will be saved. At the same time, the admission category must be checked online.

USCIS will then forward the files to the National Visa Center (NVC) to continue pricing and information requests from prospects and beneficiaries. The NVC registers the case with a number and sends the claimant a letter with further demands.

These requirements include payment of immigrant visa fees and adjustment of status (AOS). Form DS-260 is also completed online to provide personal and family information.

The applicant must complete an affidavit through Form I-864 agreeing to pay the immigrant’s expenses. The final step is the interview, which, if the outcome is satisfactory, leads to obtaining the I-551 stamp for entry into North America. Family members are granted permanent residency after four months on US soil.