Woman keeps her husband as a slave and has an.webp

Woman keeps her husband as a slave and has an affair with a nurse

His family found Tom Somerset-How disoriented, unshaven and with long hair in bed. Wife and janitor were convicted of slavery.

40-year-old Tom Somerset-How was held in appalling conditions – by his own wife. The man is partially blind and lives with cerebral palsy, leaving him bedridden. His wife started an affair with her caregiver, and the 40-year-old was extremely neglected.

A county court in Hampshire, in southern England, has convicted Sarah Somerset-How, 49, and her lover, George Webb, of slavery. Webb was also convicted of abuse by a caregiver.

Money spent on lingerie

As reported by The Telegraph, prosecutors argued during the trial that Tom Somerset-How was treated like a modern-day slave, with his wife cutting off contact with his family, keeping the man indoors and taking his money “as if it were her property.” “.

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The couple, who lived with the disabled man in his house, used him as a “cash cow”, it was said in court: the wife spent social security money on lingerie, the lover on DJ equipment. Tom was alone in the abandoned house for hours, even on weekends when his wife and caretaker went to concerts or football games.

Teeth brushed once a year

Tom was born prematurely into a wealthy family. His mother, Helen Somerset-How, took care of her son for three decades. In 1990, the woman founded a center that helps people with cerebral palsy develop skills needed for the future.

The talented Tom graduated in history from the University of Chichester. In 2008, he met his future wife, Sarah, while living in a post-op nursing home. In 2010, the two moved in together, and in 2016, nurse George Webb was hired. This didn’t work out for a long time, the two left the disabled man alone in bed most of the time. All he managed to eat was a bag of chips and a sandwich. According to the Chron, they haven’t brushed their teeth for a year.

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In 2018, Tom’s mother and twin sister found the man in the dirty house. He was lying in bed “disoriented”, unshaven, with long fingernails and long hair. He weighed almost 43 kilos. It wasn’t until 2020 that the family was able to get Tom out of the house and report Sarah Somerset-How and George Webb. After the guilty verdict, the victim said, “I am very pleased with the verdict. Justice has been served.”

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