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The new Sony WF-C700N are already falling under €100, a great price for wireless headphones rated 9/10 – Frandroid

Sony is one of those manufacturers that pride themselves on the quality of their wireless headphones, and the recent Sony WF-C700N has confirmed its solid reputation. We had the opportunity to test them in early April and gave them an almost perfect score of 9/10, fully justified by the excellent performance given the price. And thanks to a campaign at several retailers, these headphones are currently available for 99 euros instead of 119.99 euros.

The new Sony WF C700N are already falling under E100 a

With a desire to offer wireless headphones without compromise and at a totally affordable price, Sony has hit the mark with the WF-C700N. The latter may not have the few features that would make them a high-end reference, such as port detection or a touch zone, but their breathtaking performance is more than sufficient for the base price. And thanks to a special offer at the most important retailers, you can already purchase the current Sony WF-C700N at a price of -17%.

Why should you choose the Sony WF-C700N?

  • Powerful, detailed and balanced sound
  • Good active noise reduction
  • An honorable autonomy

Instead of the usual 119.99 euros, the Sony WF-C700N are now available from several retailers for 99 euros on special offer.

If the offer mentioned in this article is no longer available, please see below for other Sony WF-C700N special offers. The table is updated automatically.

Where can I buy this?
Sony WF-C700N at the best price?

Airy, light true wireless

The Sony WF-CN700 headphones have an in-ear format and are equipped with a button as the only control due to the lack of a touch zone. Even people unfamiliar with this format should find their account since these true wireless devices are relatively lightweight. Each weighs just five grams and their shape is carefully designed to fit perfectly at the entrance of the ear canal. The charging case has a compact, pill-shaped size that makes it easy to slip into your pocket.

The Japanese manufacturer announces a cumulative autonomy of 20 hours for its WF-C700N, including the charging box, noise cancellation inactive. During continuous listening with the noise reduction and the volume set to 50%, in our test we were able to record an autonomy of the headphones of 6:45, which indicates that we can get close to 10 hours without noise reduction and at a higher volume. Charging the headphones with the case takes about 90 minutes.

Convincing noise reduction at this price

With its approximately 5mm speakers, the Sony WF-C700N is still able to deliver detailed, balanced and powerful sound with balanced bass. The highs are smooth and without exaggeration and the mids are detailed but a little too front-loaded as the volume increases. Above 25% volume, you’re entitled to a dynamic sound that pulsates in all directions, because it’s soaring in terms of spatiality, except on the frontal axis, where it lacks depth.

The main innovation of this Sony WF-C700N is the additional active noise reduction, which the WF-C500 did not have. Of course, this functionality does not correspond to the high-end segment, but it is enough to listen to music without being disturbed by traffic noise. Also worth highlighting is the adjustable transparency mode which, thanks to the good pickup of the microphones, makes it possible to follow a conversation clearly without removing the headphones. However, the latter is significantly less clear in the midst of a noisy environment.

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