1706255545 The Prado Museum comes to the streets of Queretaro

The Prado Museum comes to the streets of Querétaro

The Prado Museum comes to the streets of Queretaro

There are 50 replicas of works from the National Prado Museum in Spain where they are exhibited its original dimension in the historic center of Querétaro.

It's about the exhibition “The Prado Museum in the Streets” which can now be enjoyed in the Plaza de Armas, right in the heart of the capital Querétaro.

“The Museum, in collaboration with the Spanish Embassy in Mexico and the State Secretariat for Culture, has the proposal to bring 50 of the most representative works of art of the National Prado Museum to the streets of Querétaro, so this exhibition that has Querétaro has already been in 15 countries and represented in 7 cities in Mexico and could not be missed.” Christian Arredondo Carrazco | Director of the Conspirator Museum

The exhibition brings together the most outstanding works from the Spanish site, from the oldest to the most recent.

“Of the 50 paintings that are represented, each one has a meaning, they were selected by the artistic movement, by the Spanish school, the Flemish school, the Dutch school, but we also have paintings by Greco, of course also paintings by Greco .” by Goya, by Velázquez, by painters like Dare.” Christian Arredondo Carrazco | Director of the Conspiracy Museum

For visitors, it is a unique exhibition of its kind and of invaluable quality.

“I find it very interesting to see summer work in the same space, especially outdoors, and I find it incredible to see all the colors etc.” Sonia Hernandez | Visitors

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“It’s the best thing Querétaro has ever experienced.” Eduardo Villagómez Rojas | Visitors

The organizers' intention is to attract people who do not normally visit museums so that they can learn about universal art without incurring any costs other than a trip to the historic center of Querétaro.

The works concentrated there are “The Executions of May 3rd” by Francisco de Goya and “Las Meninas” by Velázquez, the latter in its most outstanding full-size fragment, as exhibited among other outstanding works in Madrid.