Vince McMahon would be caught up in a sex scandal

Vince McMahon would be caught up in a sex scandal again Mediotitempor

Vince McMahon is in trouble again, like he was again accused from sexual abuse one of his employees, in this case the complainant is called Janelle Grantwho revealed that McMahon and other WWE executives had forced her into sexual relationships.

Grant, a former WWE headquarters employee, insured that McMahon He mistreated her and sexually abused her.; The above events would have occurred when Vince McMahon held the position of general manager.

The plaintiff alleges this in his statement to convince themMcMahon promised better salaries and a big promotion within the company, everything was so that he ended up mistreating her.

According to the story reported by the Wall Street Journal, Grant was subdued by Vince and John Laurinaitis, another WWE manager They locked her in an office on June 15, 2021 at the company headquarters.

As of June 23, 2021, he is currently the Executive President of World Wrestling Entertainment would have jailed Janel Grant in a private locker room where there would be one forced about one Massage table.

Finally an assistant to Vince McMahon gave him $15,000 on Bloomingdale's gift cards, supposedly for Buy your silence.

“The demand Search today take responsibility To two WWE executives The sexually harassed and plaintiff Janel Grant, who trafficked, and the organization that enabled the abuse or turned a blind eye and then swept it under the rug,” said Ann Callis, Janel Grant’s attorney.

“He is an incredibly reserved and courageous person has suffered deep by Mr. McMahon and Mr. Laurinaitis. Ms. Grant hopes her lawsuit will prevent more women from becoming victims. “The organization is well aware of Mr. McMahon’s depraved behavior and it is time for it to take responsibility for the misconduct of its leadership.”

Grant assures us that Vince McMahon released intimate photos and videos to other members of the company, this without their consent.

Said material would even have been shared with fighterswith whom McMahon forced her to have sexual relations.

“He Mr. McMahon and Mr. Laurinaitison WWE property and using WWE funds Ms. Grant was sexually abused and trafficked for their own amusement and as a pawn to get talent contracts with potential fighters they recruited,” the lawyer continued.

“Mr McMahon repeatedly used sex toys using the names of other WWE employees, wrestlers and performers to sexually manipulate Ms. Grant and sell her to the same people.”

“During this 'relationship,' Mr. McMahon showered Mrs. Grant with gifts and empty job offers while threatened Your livelihood and your reputation if I didn't give in to his sexual demands increasingly depraved, including distributing Ms. Grant's pornography to “thousands” of people and engaging in sexual acts with other WWE employees, some of whom were complete strangers.

Eventually she accuses McMahon and Laurinaitis of raping her; Later, Linda McMahon, Vince's wife would have found out relationship, for the same reason Janel had to resign and sign a confidentiality agreement under the pretense that McMahon would “protect” them financially and in terms of their reputation.

Grant signed the agreement and Vince agreed. pay him the amount three million dollars in exchange for his silence.

Is Brock Lesnar involved?

Another fact that amazed WWE fans is possibly Brock Lesnar would be involved implicated in the scandal because the description of the person, although not named, fits him perfectly.

person with whom Vince McMahon would have shared the explicit material He is a former UFC champion and WWE championwhich they wanted to renew at the time.

Said character He is accused of demanding demeaning favors from Janel Grantsuch as a video of her urinating, and even tried to arrange a date where she could continue to “play,” although those plans couldn't be made due to a snowstorm.