The solar eclipse while reading Bookseller magazine

The solar eclipse while reading | Bookseller magazine

With a rare phenomenon looming in April, a total solar eclipse, MultiMondes is publishing a book on the subject to help people be prepared for the big day!

Eclipse by science journalist Joël Leblanc and astronomer Julie Bolduc-Duval will shed light on this phenomenon that, as we remember, will plunge us into great darkness. And what should not be neglected, the book is equipped with glasses so that the reader can observe this solar eclipse, which will not return for another 375 years. The two scientists want to explain to us what a solar eclipse is and how it occurs and why it occurs so rarely but cyclically. Since Quebec is particularly fortunate in terms of the opportunity to participate, the authors wanted to emphasize how fortunate we are to be at the forefront of the event.

If some school administrations have decided to close on this day, others will take advantage of this to turn it into an educational activity. There is no doubt that many parents want to create memories of this rare solar eclipse for their children by allowing them to watch it, armed with glasses, of course! It is a unique opportunity to stimulate discussion and share knowledge about the universe and its mysteries with young people. In addition, the authors of the book Eclipse promise that it will be accessible and easy to read. All the more reason to read it, and why not, to read it with the children too, to make the activity as informative as it is entertaining.

Joël Leblanc is a science journalist and writes columns for Québec Science magazine. He also writes a science column on Radio-Canada Radio and advocates for greater access to science in schools. Julie Bolduc-Duval is a science communicator specializing in astronomy. After teaching physics for several years, she now passes on her passion by training educators so that they too can serve as a resource for youth.

Happy eclipse!