The young Cuban who sings like Jose Jose is happy

The young Cuban, who sings like José José, is happy when he receives an iPhone as a gift

The young Cuban Elioveliz Perez RomeroKnown for his impressive voice and his interpretations of José Jose songs, he was thrilled to receive an iPhone gifted to him by one of his followers.

In a video posted on his Instagram, the young man shows off the newly packaged equipment and thanks the person who sent it to him.

He stated that he did not know who sent him the phone, which was intended to take better quality recordings, he said.

“They sent me the last iPhone and I don't know who it was, I don't know if it's in Cuba, I don't know if it's abroad, I don't know if it's in Europe, but they have sent it to me.” They didn't want to tell me the name, they just told me: “You asked for the card and at the moment I'm super happy. “I have never held a phone like this in my life and thanks to it I will be able to get better quality of my videos for you and I don’t know how to thank this person,” said the 22 year old.

A woman commented on the post and identified herself as the Girl who brought him the gift; and explained that she was impressed because the person who shipped the equipment contacted her and trusted her to deliver it to Pérez Romero.

“All I know is that the person who contacted me (and trusted me, by the way) has a big heart. God is great. You deserve and much more, he has great talent,” he said.

The young man's followers congratulated him and urged him to take care of himself, “that the road is worse than usual,” recalling that on the island dozens of people were attacked and murdered by thieves who tried to both a Mobile phone as well as others stealing an electric motorcycle.

On his Facebook profile, Pérez Romero shows videos in which he sings songs by José José and other artists, which shows his great talent for music.

Recently the island musician Lenier Mesa praised his voiceand shared videos of him singing on his Instagram Stories.

“The talent we have in Cuba is very great. Follow this boy,” the author of “How I Pay You” wrote in his publication.