1708608117 Yevgeny Glazunov39s body was found at the foot of Mount

Yevgeny Glazunov's body was found at the foot of Mount Ak Su

Yevgeny Glazunov39s body was found at the foot of Mount

Evgeniy Glazunov @FB

Glazunov climbing Aksu. FB Anna Piunova

Mount Aksu and the area of ​​the last radio contact with Glazunov. FB Polina Nikolskaya

“Found. Died. He was about to reach the end, with a pitch and a half to go. Most likely a rock fall.” The message we never wanted to read arrived a few hours ago. In its very essence, it betrays the emotion of Anna Piunovasoul of the website Muntain.ruwhich he had tried to organize in the last few days – also through a Fundraiser – the research of Evgeny Glazunov, whose contacts had been lost for too long.

Glazunov He climbed there alone Chaplinsky Street on the Mount Ak-Su In Kyrgyzstan, one of the great walls of the Pamirs. It is not yet clear whether he has reached the summit, but that no longer matters. He had certainly communicated that he had begun his descent from the ridge. Then the silence, the alarm, the search slowed by bad weather and this morning the discovery of the body.

We will remember his strength and tenacity, his creativity and his decisions, often forced by the lack of sufficient funds to organize large expeditions. He talked about this with Montagna.tv in a long interview published last fall.