They unveiled Post Marias coup the big international guest and

They unveiled Post, Maria’s coup: the big international guest and the new postman (ex UeD).

You have mail

Everything ready for the new season of the Canale Cinque people show on Saturday night: another coup by the presenter from Pavia

They unveiled Post Marias coup the big international guest and

Posted on January 3, 2023

All ready for the new season of You have mail. Saturday January 7, 2023 People show start date under the direction of Maria De Filippi, is imminent. Speaking of unreleased episodes that will delight Canale Cinque audiences, the weekly TV Sorrisi e Canzoni has published a rather enticing news story about one of the episodes Great guests which will be featured in the program shortly. who is it about From a Hollywood star of South African origin, namely the statue Charlize TheronActress, born in 1975. This is the umpteenth time that Maurizio Costanzo’s wife has pulled off a coup that has given Italy a global face.

Speaking of foreign guests, another eagerly awaited face, who has already been the protagonist in the popular show of the flagship network Mediaset in the past Can Yaman. The Turkish star of ‘DayDreamer – The Wings of the Dream’ and ‘Purple Like The Sea’ will be back at Queen Mary’s court to support some ‘ordinary’ people invited by the programme. Joining the Italian stars in the 2023 season of C’è posta per te will also be Luca Argentero and Stefano De Martino, a television “creature” who thrived right under Maria De Filippi’s protective wings. In addition, Massimo Ranieri will also be the protagonist in one episode.

There is mail for you, the new postman is Giovanni Vescovo

Giovanni Vescovo, 30, will flesh out the cast of postmen on the show. This is a face that is not “virgin” from a television perspective; it was actually between The suitors of men and women by Sonia Lorenzin.

There’s mail for you listener champion, but what a fight for Maria

In the past, referring to the People show, the presenter from Pavia said that of the programs she hosts, she “steals the most energy”. “It is exhausting to prepare and direct them. Maybe that’s why I have a protective attitude towards him,” explained Queen Mary, who added that You’ve Got Mail was and is the show he needed to pay more attention to. The effort is rewarded by the satisfaction it gives you. “Not only for the quotas – he underlined -: to be able to make peace between people who have not spoken to each other for years is nice. It’s a kind of emotional public service. C’è posta per te is like a soothing hot chocolate: people know there are no rip-offs there”.

He always tells me not to watch competitor’s programs to avoid hurting myself. But I can’t resist, curiosity is too great. So the scene is pretty much always like this: I’m in one room observing the competition, in the other he’s spending his time dissecting You’ve Got Mail. – we read Sorrisi e Canzoni on TV – to tell me everything that is right and wrong. Sometimes I feel bad. But I don’t care about his criticism anyway and that’s all.

For You’ve Got Mail, he argues that I should ask more questions before dismissing VIP guests. But I don’t follow him. I feel like I’m getting too involved in these people’s lives and I don’t want to. I can’t think of it. I always listen to him when it comes to important decisions.”