When the walls come down on CASA Renovating for two

“When the walls come down” on CASA: Renovating for two, an extreme sport

Six couples embark on major renovations in CASA’s new show When the Walls Fall.

As part of this dangerous exercise for many lovers – more than 30% of couples break up during or after major work – actor Mathieu Baron and designer Paule Bourbonnais accompany all these beautiful people.

The idea is to support every project to make it happen, from drawing up the plans to the final touches. Very dynamic in the programs viewed by the QMI agency, Paule Bourbonnais takes couples hands on to understand their needs and fit everything to their budget. During the process, the protagonists confide in her and Mathieu, the show focuses on people and their emotions.

In an interview, the actor speaks of “a project that is a little different from the others” because it borrows from the documentary format. “I was there to meet the couples and understand how they are going through major renovations,” he told QMI Agency.

“My mission was more the human side than the work itself. I need that, that’s what really turns me on. I’m the question-asking guy.” So on the show, we’re going to see the ups and downs that each couple experiences.

In all honesty, Mathieu Baron admits that he’s not a master at renovating or even handling a hammer. “I prefer the animation and the final product after the renovation,” he said with a smile.

Due to the pandemic, issues related to the scarcity and high cost of building materials are affecting the renovation process for the various projects.

Between game and animation

Mathieu Baron has been multiplying the animations for a few years. He is the pilot of the Chefs de bois culinary competition – the third season was filmed last fall and will be available on Vrai in 2023 (the first season will be available on TVA from 6 in the spring) – and he is setting renovation shows on several channels.

We can also catch him in the legal daily Indéfendable on TVA as an honest and upstanding cop, a far cry from his role as Nick Romano, the lunatic detective of District 31.

“Maxime is charismatic, loyal and there for his world. Two or three things will happen that will torment him a little and affect him emotionally,” revealed Mathieu Baron. In particular, his character will investigate the attempted murder of Me Legrand (Martin-David Peters) during the last episode aired before the holidays.

Mathieu Baron will also star in the second season of the black comedy La Confrérie, which will be filmed in Quebec and aired on Noovo from Monday January 9 at 7:30 p.m.

Produced by Avanti-Toast, in association with Quebecor Content, the 10 episodes of When the Walls Fall air every Tuesday at 8 p.m. beginning Tuesday, January 3 on CASA.

Also in “50 Ways to Kill Your Mother” on UNIS TV

We can also see Mathieu Baron from January 5th at 19:30 in the second season of “50 ways to kill your mother” on UNIS TV, an appointment in which he will do everything possible to destabilize the one who cares for him gave life. .

“We do extraordinary activities across Canada, my mom and I. It’s quite funny and it’s memories that are etched into our memories forever. These are activities, we won’t hide it, that I probably would never have done with her.

Specifically on the program: snow controlled skid rally, circus flying trapeze, fat biking, hang gliding and rock climbing in Banff, Alberta.