This is the Ilyushin Il 76 the Russian military aircraft

This is the Ilyushin Il 76, the Russian military aircraft shot down in Belgorod AS

He Military transport aircraft Ilyushin Il-76known as the Ilyushin Il-76 military booster in Russia's Belgorod region after being shot down by a missile and has a long history in the Kremlin's armed forces. The aircraft known as the Il-76 was developed by the Ilyushin Design Bureau commissioned by Aeroflot and the Soviet ArmyIn addition, it is able to transport a wide variety of heavy loads over long distances.

The military equipment is designed for this Land and transport personnel, cargo and military equipmentand can transport 126 paratroopers with their equipment, 145 people in a single-deck configuration and 225 in a double-deck configuration. The crew consists of up to seven people.

The maximum payload is 48 tonswhile flight autonomy with a Load of 40 tons is 4,750 kilometers. The maximum altitude at which it can fly is 13,000 meters and can fire bombs with machine guns and pylons.

Shot down more than one Il-76

The Ilyushin Il-76 was built years ago only two years old and has four turbojet engines developed in the 1980s in gondolas under the wings. Throughout its history, Ilyushin has produced more than 900 unitsmany of which are still in operation.

So far, Ukrainian armed forces have advanced into the conflict Attack and damage to at least four models of this aircraft during the war. Already in June 2022, another plane crashed during the attempt Make an emergency landing in Ryazan, about 200 kilometers southwest of Moscow.