This was the exuberant celebration between Taylor Swift and Travis

This was the exuberant celebration between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce after the Chiefs victory

Taylor Swift is considered a good luck charm and was there for several of the Chiefs' victories. (Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Taylor Swift was present M&T Bank Stadium from Baltimore to support her friend, Travis Kelceand his team, that Kansas City Chiefsin the 17-10 win AFC Championship against that Ravensso move forward to Super Bowl. The singer was filmed celebrating on the pitch with the team, where she shared one passionate kiss and several hugs with Kelce.

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Swift, accompanied by her friend Brittany MahomesShe attended the event dressed red sweaterA black skirt And Socks under a long one black coatand enjoyed the game from a box next to it Cara Delevingne And Keleigh Teller.

During the meeting, Kelce scored the first goal landing of the game when cameras captured Swift exuberantly cheering on her now-partner. Likewise with runners Isiah Pacheco scored six points for the ChiefsSwift was seen shows 10 fingersin reference to the player's jersey number, as CNBC reports.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce shared moments of joy after the Chiefs' win. (Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

As CBS News reported, Swift arrived at the stadium Brittany Mahomeswife of quarterback of Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes. Other famous people including Cara Delevingne, Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively And Hugh Jackmanhave accompanied Swift in previous games.

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Swift's presence in the game this Sunday is due to a particular interest because it might be the last time I see him play. Kelce this season, assuming the artist will take it up again “Epoch Tour” In Japan next February 7th, with a concert at Tokyo Dome on February 10th, Super Bowl night which will be played on February 11th. There is still speculation as to whether the artist will have time to travel to Las Vegas for the final game.given the time difference.

The assistance of Taylor Swift to the games Chiefs has been a constant since September last year and turns out to be what many Internet users refer to as a Lucky charm for the team that won eight of the eleven games in which the singer took part.

The singer exuberantly celebrated her partner's touchdown during the decisive match. (USA TODAY Sports/Portal)

Travis Kelcewho has been in a relationship with Swift since September 2023, previously commented in New Heights Podcast the excitement and challenge that this represents Playoff football, Highlighting the importance of energy and support both on and off the field. Despite the speculation and media attention surrounding their relationship, Kelce emphasized the importance of staying focused and away from outside noise and fully dedicating themselves to success on the field.

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Swift's presence in the games of the Chiefs and his obvious positive influence got fans talking and sparked numerous shows of support. He mayor from Baltimore, Brandon Scottwarmly welcomed Swift in a social media post, reflecting the spirit of support among the city's couples.

This sporting event and the relationship between Fast And Kelce Not only have they attracted the attention of the general public, but they have also marked a meeting point between them Pop music and professional sportsand brings fans from both worlds together.