Tiziano Ferro and husband Victor Allen divorce Painful moment I

Tiziano Ferro and husband Victor Allen divorce: “Painful moment, I can’t take my children with me…

“A painful separation began for some time. I handled it calmly and maintained everyone’s confidentiality. We recently started divorce proceedings. At this moment, all my attention is focused on protecting my two children.” Tiziano Ferro therefore announced the end of his marriage to her husband Victor Allen via Instagram.
Margherita and Andres (the two children) “currently spend most of their time at home with me. At this moment I cannot leave her and I cannot take her with me to Italy – adds the singer, explaining that for this reason he cannot meet the dates agreed in Italy for the presentation of his novel –. You know: I went on tour against the doctors’ advice. I would never have canceled these concerts. However, this time it is different. It’s not about me and my health, but about two very small children and their composure. I apologize deeply, but they are my priority now.”

This is another blow to the “normalization” of Tiziano Ferro, because the public image of an artist almost never depends on a private experience, which, apart from money and celebrity, consists of suffering that affects everyone. At 20, Tiziano Ferro had all the right passwords of a teen idol: skinny, handsome, an ear-slapping smile, a creepy voice. His success grew externally, but internally he also grew the desire to escape from a cage in which, over time, it was not clear whether he had imprisoned himself or whether others had imprisoned him. At the age of 30, in 2010, he decided to reveal that he was gay: “I did it for myself because I lived a life of complete denial in a society that did not accept who I was “I am, and I didn’t do that either.” accept myself. Nobody had ever done that in Italy.

Double marriage in the USA and Italy

It is the first step towards a stable and recognized relationship. The chosen one is Victor Allen. They married on June 25, 2019 in Los Angeles and on July 13 of the same year they repeated their wedding vows in Sabaudia. “It was Victor’s idea. When I saw him with the ring on his knees, I burst into tears. To me, he’s ready to be a parent,” the singer told Vanity Fair. It was a time of commitments that he also took on as a public figure. “With marriage, Victor becomes part of my family and that is a truth that cannot be silenced, a truth that, as at the time of my coming out, I hope can be useful to someone.” I say that as a citizen, as a son, as a singer-songwriter on stage. But also as a brother and friend. Let’s put people at the center: women, men, children, everyone. And family in all its meanings, as long as love and protection are always the focus. Yes, the inequality of rights has left me disappointed, bitter and angry in recent years.”

Tiziano Ferro and Victor Allen’s children: Margherita and Andreas

The children arrived in February 2022: Margherita and Andreas were adopted when they were 9 and 4 months old. “Two calls made me the happiest man in the world.” The first, a few months ago: a little girl. The second a few weeks later: This time a baby. For Victor and me, the experience of being parents represents the highest honor and the most demanding burden,” Tiziano Ferro wrote again on social media. Someone who has always made few concessions: “Alcoholic, bulimic, gay, depressed, famous.” Even this seemed to me to be a well-known mistake, perhaps the worst,” Titian described himself in the documentary film Ferro. A portrait – very conscious – in which he dissected, piece by piece, the external image, shiny, always a little Photoshopped, to use it as a cover that public figures often have to portray.