trouble in paradise? Here’s what JLo and Ben said to each other on the red carpet Who

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck: Is the honeymoon over?

The latest pictures of the paparazzi from Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck They have tricked their followers into believing that the “honeymoon” season is over.

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Last Tuesday, the paparazzi filmed walking around Los Angeles with very serious faces before getting into their car. Something as simple as the actor opening the door for his wife drew a lot of comment: Was he trying to act like a gentleman, or was that really a sign he was angry for slamming the door harder than usual?

JLo and Ben married in August 2022 (Arturo Holmes/Getty Images)

However, social networks began to look for problems where there are none, because in a previous image the couple can be seen walking while smiling and chatting animatedly, a situation that changes when they realize that next to them Photographers waiting for them car. .

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Fight on the red carpet?

On Wednesday while attending the premiere of the singer’s new film entitled The motherand where Gael García Bernal also performs, the couple’s red carpet walk caused quite a stir as there was obvious tension in their body language.

The actor seemed more serious than usual while Jennifer smiled for the cameras, and while they followed strict procedure of posing in the eyes and kissing each other chastely, their usual chemistry wasn’t appreciated.

Jennifer Lopez stars in The Mother, a Netflix movie (Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Netflix)