1704379467 Two masked men rob a lottery office in Lugo at

Two masked men rob a lottery office in Lugo at gunpoint and steal 400,000 euros

Two masked men rob a lottery office in Lugo at

The police are investigating a robbery in which two masked men stole almost 400,000 euros after attacking the lottery administration number 10 in the city of Lugo (Galicia) this Thursday. The thieves broke into the office wearing balaclavas early in the morning and took the money after threatening the owner and pointing a gun at him.

The robbery occurred at 8:30 a.m. when the person in charge of the administration on Lamas de Prado Street was preparing to open the store, as he himself told the media. “I went to work a little earlier than usual because I had to do some things behind closed doors. As soon as I arrived, I left halfway through the gate, deactivated the alarm and at that moment two hooded men with gloves and weapons entered and said: “This is a robbery,” the person in charge explained.

After entering the facility, the thieves forced the victim to take them to the two safes so he could give them the contents. The attack lasted about eight minutes, during which they had to wait for the locker system to allow access to the contents as it has a delay mechanism. “They asked me to lie on the floor with my hands behind my head. While one was watching me, the other was responsible for looting the box,” the victim explained. According to him, the attackers assured him that they would not harm him if they collaborated.

After obtaining the loot, the perpetrators locked up the owner and fled. The stolen money corresponds to the collection of the last few weeks, which represented the highest turnover of the year for the lottery administrations due to the Christmas and El Niño drawings.

Several national police patrols arrived at the administration to investigate the incident.

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