Ukrainians can encircle the Russians

“Ukrainians can encircle the Russians”

The Ukrainians are advancing again in the Bakhmut area, disputed since the summer. They have the momentum, says military expert Markus Reisner – and British cruise missiles.

Moscow/Vienna. For a long time it seemed only a matter of time before the mercenaries of the Russian Wagner group conquered the last quarters of Bakhmut. But now the tide is turning. Suddenly, Ukraine is advancing on the flanks of the ruined city. She is on the offensive and has the initiative again.

In a few days, the Ukrainians gained ground in several directions, army expert Colonel Markus Reisner told “Presse”. The photos confirm, for example, the capture of the village of Bilal Hora, southwest of Bakhmut; the Russians were already advancing north and south of the city.