With Exodo Lirical Reverse and Yartzi the Caribbean is at

With Exódo Lirical, Reverse and Yartzi, the Caribbean is at its best RECORD

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The Caribbean has historically been a rather descending region in the freestyle scene. Despite the talent boom in these countries, the importance of talent has been eclipsed Mexico, Spain and Argentina both in international titles and in the public dimension. Given the steady growth of Caribbean freestyle, 2023 could mark a turning point in the history of the region. And that is partly due to the unification of these countries.

The Red Bull Batalla organization has taken an important step by restarting the tournament Central American finals in 2022. These finals are similar to the national finals of different countries as they are allocated a quota International Final. The difference is that there are MCs from different parts of the region participating.

Last year, this event attracted a total of 16 participants from seven countries: six rappers from Central America and the Caribbean (Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras) and Panama-based Venezuelan UFO. Puerto Rico was not represented on the day due to accounting for Puerto Rican rappers participation in the Red Bull Battle United States National Finals.

And although the idea of Eliminate national finals in countries that previously did so this instance – like the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica or Panama – can appear as a first instance a setback to the growth of freestyle This is not the case in Central America and the Caribbean.

First and foremost it is the International Final With this decision, Central America or the Caribbean will be less represented. But the hype about the fight for this place is even greater, especially since several competitors are coming with their own titles: last year, the two-time national champions were there SNK (Costa Rica), Exodo Lirical (Dominican Republic) and other rappers with a title like Shield Master and KDT RSD from the Dominican Republic, P8 and Cehzar from Costa Rica and Indian from Panama.

On the other hand, a regional Red Bull offers MCs from other countries that did not have nationals at the time, such as El Salvador, Honduras or Guatemala, the opportunity to participate in this event. And although Red Bull created the so-called Final qualifier for MCs from countries without citizenshipThe Central American final offers a much tighter quota and in addition to the visibility it offers thanks to its infrastructure comparable to that of any national final.

Due to Éxodo Lirical’s absence from last year’s International Finals in Mexico City The Dominican is already qualified for the 2023 appointment in Bogotá. For this reason, two Central American representatives have already been won in Colombia for the fight for the title of international champion.

It could even be three if an MC from that region wins the US National Finals. This finale brings together Puerto Ricans (whether they live on the island or in the North American country) and Spanish-speaking rappers from around the world. And while the list of qualifiers hasn’t been announced yet, some of the names that sound strongest as candidates are the Puerto Rican and two-time champions Yartzi and the Cuban Reverse.

Urban Roosters took a similar step in forming the Caribbean League with their Freestyle Master Series (FMS). And while the list includes competitors from countries outside of the Caribbean or Central America – both due to transfers included this season and the organization’s original decision to add weight details – this new FMS could contribute significantly to the growth of freestyle in the region.

The Central Americans of this first season are SNK (Costa Rica), Aldahir (Panama), Ritmodelia (Guatemala) and Zaki (El Salvador). And the Caribbean ones are Exodo Lirical (Dominican Republic), Reverse (Cuba) and Yartzi (Puerto Rico).

full list of FMS Caribbean

From Costa Rica Among the world’s most outstanding performances is that SNK has twice won the Red Bull Batalla National Final (2019 and 2020). He became the only two-time champion of his country. In the international final of the same competition, he achieved a historic fourth place in 2019. That same year, along with Valles T and Yartzi, he represented Team Caribe at God Level Fest and in return won the JAM 105 International Title in Mexico. Sergio is dangerous because, besides the overall style he dominates, He has an enviable discipline.


The native of The saviour He has participated in various competitions such as King de Ciudad, Poseidon Battles, Urban Kreew Fest, Rantan Freestyle, Final Qualifier 2021 and of course Red Bull Batalla Centroamérica 2022, a presentation on the seventh day of FMS Spain in the same year.


This is a competitor that couldn’t be missed, a favorite at international competitions that was missed in his absence. The born in Puerto Rico He has won the Red Bull Batalla Estados Unidos twice (2019 and 2020). He won the 7 to Punch competition in Mexico and was Double AA World Champion in Argentina. In the same way, contributed to the discipline as the founder of Fuego Improthe legendary Caribbean competition.

As for his mic-carrying highlights, Musicality and ingenuity are the hallmarks of improvisation.


The freestyler from Panama was the 2019 champion of Flava Urbana, in 2020 he won the Gold Battle Panama and in 2021 he won in Frentea, won the Crossing of Champions championship and won a DEM Battles appointment in Chile He was the first freestyler to win a date as a foreignerAlong with Ghetto and SNK, he won the Kings of Central America in team mode, a competition where he would win an individual championship in 2022.


Is a the most famous and celebrated faces. The Guatemalan freestyler He took part in great competitions Both national and international, among which stand out BDM, Supremacía MC, Sobredosis de Freestyle – where he finished second in the International – and Poseidon Battles – which finished second in 2019. In addition, he was crowned BDM Gold Guatemala in 2018 after coming second in the previous year.


Out of Ecuadoris a representative of the Blacklist group and co-founder of the BKN Rima x Rima Freestyle League. He was champion of Red Bull Batalla Ecuador 2017 and runner-up in 2022. He is also known for facing Bnet at Red Bull Batalla Internacional in 2018.

MC Myvs

At just 15, he became a young promise Ecuador and Venezuela. It is characterized by ingenuity and staging. He can be found at events like King of the Plaza and His projection is expected to only know how to go up.

Mr. Ego

He has been competitive since 2008 and has fought in the Red Bull Batalla since 2014; In 2022 he got the Regionalliga Barcelona. For 2018 he was a member of the jury of the National FMS and the following year he qualified as a participant. His signature acid style makes him a unique character. as for villains.

Jony Beltran

Acuña-born freestyler Coahuila has won two Red Bull Batalla National Finals (2013 and 2016) and finished runner-up in the 2013 International Final. After three FMS seasons in his home country, will take your strong and fun personality in a new direction.


He found the ideal spot in El Quinto Escalón alongside speakers from today’s speakers like Trueno and Klan. after one real participation in FMS Argentina In 2018 and 2019 and with appearances against Sub and MR.Ego in this fourth season, the young artist was invited to the new league.

Lyrical Exodus

that of Dominican Republic was a one of the most awaited confirmations. He is a two-time Red Bull Batalla RD National Champion, current Central American Champion and fourth at Red Bull Batalla Internacional in 2020. Last year he had a show with LE33 at FMS Spain where he demonstrated it Talent that he has already demonstrated several times: coherence, flow, reaction and above all mastery of the stage.

turning back

He Last name completing the list is reversed. The Cuban was the national champion of the Red Bull Batalla Estados Unidos 2021 after defeating the Mexican McBetho in the last match. At this year’s International, he reached the Quarterfinals in a memorable fight against the night’s runner-up, Skone. With Gold Battle he left another of his most outstanding holdings.

Be enormous ingenuity, staging and charisma They earned him the audience’s affection almost immediately

The high level of incentive in FMS fights is one of the great benefits it can bring to the Central American and Caribbean scene. Of course, participation or even success in the Urban Roosters league is no guarantee for results in other competitions, especially since the formats are very different. But shooting nine days a year and the demand that comes with it could set many contenders apart.

On the other hand, local competitions are expected to continue to rise FMS Caribbean. The champions of different nationalities of the region will be given more spotlight. Even some of that light is reaching the Central American and Caribbean markets, especially if the phenomenon of traveling around the country in search of Ascension Rating points continues. And the same applies outside of the competitions MCs get a new platform where they can continue to showcase their rhymes. We no longer have to wait for the big internationals to only see two or three Central American or Caribbean competitors.

The first day of FMS Caribe, held in San Salvador at the end of April, seems to have started an eventful season for the region. This first weekend of May was presented an international and a national finalwhere they also received a visit from the Mexican aczinoConsidered the best competitive freestyler in Spanish history.

On May 6th the international final of takes place The sixth freestyle. There the MCs participated: Terrorista from Honduras, Pseudocodigo from Nicaragua, Reos from El Salvador, Jeff from Costa Rica, Yoiker from Mexico and locals Tesla, Drago Ro and Jin Blake. The latter won the championship title. The jury, also national, consisted of the voices of Bandy from Honduras, Akyey from Guatemala and Stimpymatico from El Salvador. Luda and Che were presenters and DJs, respectively. Finally, Aczino gave an exhibition together with Elirick.

The following day, Mexico’s three-time Red Bull Batalla International Champion showed up for another show in Costa Rica. This time against the Peruvian Vijay Kesh, as part of the national finals of Poseidon battles. In addition, his compatriot Yoiker also had a show against Costa Rican Cehzar. The MCs that competed for the national title were: P8, RVS, Kenyari, Lozz, Gabo, Esteban, Kamano and Black Hawkwho was named champion of the event.

It will take place on Sunday, May 14th Panama Rap Battle 507 Latin America, an international 2vs2 final. There will be seven pairs of a local and an international MC: Jaff (Argentina) with Aldahir, CTZ (Argentina) with Alka, MKS (Argentina) with Bryant, Ritmodelia (Gauatemala) with Zoom, Katra (Argentina) with Hunter , P8 ( Costa Rica) with Zanderty and UFO (Venezuelan who has lived most of his life in Panama) and Kian (Peru). The whole thing is rounded off by an all Panamanian duo Gabriel and Nost.