US repatriates 65 rafters Cuba says it received 1643 returnees

US repatriates 65 rafters; Cuba says it received 1,643 returnees in 2023 (VIDEO)

A total of 151 Cubans attempted to emigrate to the United States

Irregular seagoing vessels were repatriated this weekend, the Coast Guard (USCG) reported.

They were returned to the island on Saturday 83 Cubans after being arrested in several operations off the Florida coast. ORn group of 68 he was repatriated on Sunday.

The USCG shared video of one of these operations on its Twitter account, capturing the moment a boat with several migrants on board is intercepted by the Coast Guard as officers warn the migrants: “It’s the United States Coast Guard States . Stop the boat. They will not make it to land.”

Lieutenant Matt Miller of the Coast Guard’s Seventh District recalled Saturday that attempting to reach US territory by sea could result in people being placed under the new humanitarian probation, one since 6 with two years of legal residency in the US USA and work permit.

However, the rafters would be returned to their country of origin or departure, the official stressed.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said in a statement last Wednesday: “Cubans and Haitians who go to sea and land on US soil are not eligible for parole and will be held in custody pending deportation.”

On Friday, US authorities returned another 90 rafters who were trying to immigrate to the US irregularly.

For their part, the Cuban authorities reported on the same day that so far this year they have received a total of 1,188 irregular migrants brought back by the United States Coast Guard.

Since October 1, 2022, United States Coast Guard crews have intercepted 5,183 Cubans at sea in a migration wave that threatens to surpass that of the previous fiscal year, when 6,182 were detained on United States coasts.

“Coast Guard and partner agency air and sea crews patrol all day every day to ensure people are returned alive to their families,” Lt. Cmdr. Tanner Stiehl of the US Seventh District on Sunday.