USA 21 year old shoots and kills three people then

USA, 21 year old shoots and kills three people, then commits suicide. The randomly chosen victims

by Paolo Foschi

The triple homicide in Yakima, Washington

Another shooting, more casualties on the streets of the United States. Three more people were killed in a shootout overnight in Yakima, a town in rural Washington state on the west coast of the United States, following the massacre during the Chinese New Year celebrations in California. The killer, reportedly a 21-year-old boy, Jarid Haddock, was identified through surveillance camera footage. After a short escape, the young man committed suicide.

According to what has been reconstructed based on the story of some witnesses, Haddock would have fired by randomly selecting victims. The young man first crossed the street and then entered a store, drew his gun and killed two people who were buying groceries. Then he went out and when he was back on the street he shot another person. Eventually he stopped at a gas station, shot a car window again, got into a car and fled.

January 25, 2023 (change January 25, 2023 | 02:54)