We will end this war in the Kremlin in Bakhmout

“We will end this war in the Kremlin”: in Bakhmout, next to the Russian Legion fighting Putin

EXCLUSIVE – Le Figaro magazine followed a unit of the Svoboda Rossii Legion, soldiers of Russian nationality who took up arms against their fatherland.

In Bakhmout, when the sky is angry, the earth trembles. The full moon still shining in this azure sea does not bode well. Despite temperatures around -15°C and gusts that freeze bones and toes, the day promises to be beautiful and the horizon clear. Good weather, bad omen. “Perfect weather for artillery,” sighs César, one of the soldiers in the unit we accompany on a front-line mission. Here, near this mining town that the private Wagner militia have been coveting for months, a crucial chapter of this war is playing out. For weeks, these mercenaries, under Putin’s command, pounced on a Ukrainian defense that, for all its ascribed prowess, inevitably crumbles in the face of the incessant waves carrying the victim souls of cannon fodder in the service of the Kremlin.

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