“Vai na Fé”: Summary of the chapters of ‘s telenovela from May 15th to 20th Splash

The telenovela Vai na Fé, written by Rosane Svartman, sheds light on Luis’ discovery week. The chapters will air Monday through Saturday at 7:40 p.m. on Globo.

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Monday May 15th

Theo argues with Clara about Luis Show. Jenifer tries to talk to Hugo. Wilma is suspicious when she overhears Lui testifying to Sol. The show starts and everyone is having fun. Theo watches the show with Clara on TV. Alice and Yuri are jealous of Vini. With Ludmilla’s help, Lui surprises Sol during the show and Jenifer is outraged. Ludmilla asks Kate to dance on stage. Lui tries to talk to Sol. Érika publishes her insightful article and Vitinho despairs. Sol goes with Ben. Guiga borrows money from Yuri. Lui learns about the contract Wilma forced Sol to sign.

Tuesday May 16th

Lui confronts Wilma. Jenifer asks Sol about the consequences of the contract she signed. Ben questions Bruna about Sol’s condition. Lui scolds Vitinho. Clara is surprised at Theo’s behavior when he talks about Sol. Helena doesn’t accept that Clara talks about Theo in class. Guiga complains to Lumiar about Emilio. Jenifer questions Pastor Miguel about Hugo. Vitinho finds out that Ivy gifted Anthony and Erika Wilma. Sol seeks advice from Pastor Miguel. Guiga decides to hold a bazaar and Yuri helps her. Sol tries to explain himself to Lui. Jenifer is looking for Hugo. Alice talks to Yuri about Vini. Lui prevents Sol from paying the penalty and breaks up with Wilma.

Wednesday May 17th

Wilma is surprised by Luis’ decision. Guiga kisses Yuri. Jenifer stands in for Hugo at Naldo’s. Lumiar receives several bouquets from Theo. Simas finds out that Bia cheated on him with Fred and ends the relationship. Hugo asks Orpheus for help. Theo drunk a girl, similar to Sol’s younger one, and seduced her. Jenifer and Hugo kiss. Lui makes a decision and meets up with the band. Lumiar tells Theo that the new hearing has been scheduled. When Theo shows up for the hearing, he taunts Sol, Ben, and Jenifer.

Thursday, May 18th

Jenifer is hostile to Theo. Guiga asks Yuri to help her get money for a publication. Rafa tries to support Jenifer. Bela helps Guiga record a video of her and Yuri. Vini asks to speak to Yuri. Clara tries to speak to Sol, but Sol reacts with hostility. Jenifer’s paternity hearing begins. Theo asks Clara to sign a new articles of association. Ben reveals to Sol that he knows what Theo has done to her in the past. Bia gives Jenifer air. Kate promotes a meeting between Rafa and Jenifer. Ben argues with Lumiar. Orpheus asks Lumiar to meet Geremias, a friend of dubious character. Ben takes advice from mother Anne. Theo worries about Lumiar when he sees her with Geremias. Vitinho arranges a meeting with Maiara and Maraísa to cheer up Lui.

Friday May 19th

Maiara and Maraísa spend the day at Luis Villa. Theo threatens Orpheus. Sol asks Bruna not to tell Jenifer what Theo did to her. Jenifer begs Sol’s forgiveness. Ben talks to Seamus about Theo. Sol harasses Theo when he sees the businessman at his home. Jenifer questions her mother about her relationship with Ben and Theo. Rafa doesn’t like it when his father asks him to help him get closer to Jeni. Ben is concerned when Jenifer tells him that Theo was at his house. Lui decides to go to Retiro de Fábio and invites Sol to accompany him. Ben talks to lawyer Valéria about Emilio’s case. Yuri hands over the publication money to Guiga. Guiga’s accounts are made public. Ben meets Valeria at a restaurant. Geremias suffers an attack in Orfeus Bar.

Saturday May 20th

Lumiar and Geremias are shot. Valeria tells Ben about the Lumiar attack. Guiga despairs when he realizes that he has been robbed by Emílio and tries to speak to his lawyer. Ben arrives at Orpheus’ bar to find an injured Lumiar. Geremias tries to deliver a message to Lumiar about the evidence he has, but is taken to the surgery. Yuri encourages Guiga to denounce Emílio. Theo despairs upon learning of the attack Lumiar has suffered. Orpheus prevents Theo from attacking him. Lui says goodbye to the band and Wilma. Jenifer meets Tatá at Simas’ bar. Rafa invites Ben to pose for him. A fake nurse enters Geremia’s room. Vitinho receives a great suggestion for the band. Lumiar is informed that Geremias’ condition is deteriorating.

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