Vanessa Guzman admits that she has mental problems They are

Vanessa Guzmán admits that she has mental problems: “They are uncontrollable”

Vanessa Guzmán gave an interview for the program First Hand in which he revealed that he had conceived a serious diagnosis regarding his mental health that undoubtedly worried his followers.

It should be noted that the actress was called “intolerable”, “difficult” and even “arrogant” by several former colleagues. He assured that his behavior was inappropriate, but that this situation was due to the fact that he was in a delicate mental state.

Vanessa Guzmán has mental health problems / Instagram

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What psychological problems does actress Vanessa Guzmán have?

The famous woman noted that her attitude towards her colleagues stems from the fact that she is constantly depressed by everything that fame entails.

Because of this situation, she was diagnosed Panic and anxiety attacks. To avoid a crisis, she had to stay away from her colleagues and the media.

“I was diagnosed with somewhat controlled panic and anxiety attacks. “I don't take any medication, I try to control it as best as I can because I can have high levels and depressive peaks and people don't know.”

Vanessa Guzman

Vanessa Guzmán has mental health problems / Instagram

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Vanessa Guzmán wants to return to the big screen

Vanessa noted that in her last project, she shared her diagnosis because she sometimes needs to take a moment to breathe or take medication.

“You can lose control and then you can have a reaction that is misinterpreted, but these reactions cannot be controlled.”

Vanessa Guzman

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Finally, Vanessa Guzmán mentioned that she Now the priority is to return to the screen and prove his talenteither. He also emphasized that the production allowed him to address his mental illnesses very clearly so as not to trigger a new scandal.

Vanessa Guzmán has mental health problems / Instagram