War Ukraine Russia, Russian drones over Odessa: two dead and seven injured. LIVE

The Ukrainian Defense Forces say they killed 960 Russian soldiers in the last 24 hours, bringing the total losses of Russian invasion forces since the start of the war to 415,640, according to figures unilaterally provided by Kiev. This was reported by Ukrainian media, including Ukrinform. In addition, since the beginning of the war, the Defense Forces of Ukraine claim 6,624 enemy tanks (14 yesterday alone), 12,611 (+29) armored fighting vehicles, 10,153 (+47) artillery systems, 1,003 (+3) anti-aircraft missile systems, 346 (+1) aircraft, 325 helicopters, 7,829 (+35) operational drones, 1,915 (+3) cruise missiles, 25 ships and boats, 1 submarine, 13,267 (+61) jeeps, trucks and tankers and 1,617 (+6) “special equipment”.