Venezuelan prosecutor reveals motive for Canserbero murder

Venezuelan prosecutor reveals motive for Canserbero murder

“Natalia tells me that she felt a thirst for anger Canserbero Because he didn't allow her to be his manager, he even said, “I don't want to know anything more about you, I don't want you to accompany me on any tour,” said Venezuelan Attorney General Tarek William Saab about the murder of one Rapper.

The official made these statements on the YouTube channel “Molusco TV” after Claudia Améstica, the niece of Natalia Améstica, questioned the veracity of her aunt's statements published by the State Ministry on Tuesday.

Tarek explained why, in the same incident, Natalia also decided to kill her partner Carlos Molnar and set up the scene to look like a murder-suicide: “She reveals that it was an argument for economic reasons in which she Husband or her partner “They were not married, their romantic partner never acknowledged any part of the tour.”

In this sense, Tarek also pointed out that the discussions about money between Natalia and Carlos continued, recalling one of these episodes when she suffered an attack in Chile and demanded to replace everything that had been stolen from her, which However, he refused.

Among those arrested, Tarek confirmed that she is the forensic pathologist who examined Canserbero's body and that she is accused of ignoring the two stab wounds on the artist's body.

“There is also something revealing. Here no one will say that she killed two people, and no one will name who helped her kill, because they named the pathologist, they named the six CPC, they named a crowd, so she did it ” Half your life or all your life a prisoner for free,” Tarek said.

Those involved face up to 30 years in prison for the double murder, with a minimal reduction for cooperation with the justice system.

According to Natalia's confession, the incident occurred after she adulterated a tea with two 0.5 blister packs of Alpram so that Canserbero, whose real name is Tirone José González Orama, could drink it.

He said that he then went into the kitchen and at that moment Carlos Molnar came to talk. As he drank the drink and was sleepy, he attacked him with three stab wounds, one in the back, one in the arm and another in the neck.

Canserbero was stabbed twice in the side while falling asleep.

Not knowing what to do, he turned to his brother Guillermo Améstica, who arrived at 11:00 p.m. on January 19, 2015, accompanied by three people who, according to him, would help him to complete the scene.

EFE recalled that in 2015 it was reported that “Tirone González fell from the tenth floor and died shortly after the host of the apartment where he lived in Aragua, also a musician Carlos Molnar, was stabbed and killed.”