Very true Rosanna Fratello The pain of grief never passed

“Very true”, Rosanna Fratello: The pain of grief never passed Tell her

I’m a woman, I’m not a saint is the song that earned her a place of honor in the history of Italian music. Today, Rosanna Fratello is above all a caring grandmother committed to catching up on family time that robbed her of her career.

Family has always been the pivot, the priority for Rosanna Fratellowho, for the first time as a guest of Verissimo, told of the pain of the early death of his favorite brother, the starting signal for his musical career.

“It’s always in my heart”: Rosanna Fratello commemorates her missing brother

Despite the years that have passed, Rosanna Fratello cannot hold back tears when she thinks of her dear brother: “It is a pain that will never be forgotten, there is not an evening that I do not turn to him in prayer and ask for his closeness to me and his family. I’m constantly turned to him,” said the singer to Silvia Toffanin.

It is thanks to her brother, one of five in Rosanna’s large family, that the singer’s career took off, “he was the one who showed me around, accompanied me to competitions and was always by my side”. Her life was happy until the discovery of a serious illness that would lead to his death within a few months.

“So he decided he didn’t want to be there anymore – brother confided in me – my mum and I put him to bed, then we went into the kitchen and heard a loud bang. And my brother was gone. That’s the worst thing a mother, a sister can experience. I don’t wish that on anyone It’s a pain that cannot be forgotten, but I want to remember it with a smile“.

Marriage to Pino: a love affair of more than 40 years

“We’re always there for each other, and that’s what matters,” is how Rosanna Fratello summed up the almost fifty-year love for her husband, the photographer Giuseppe (Pino) ​​Cappellano, who married in 1975 to Verissimo years after the arrival of success in music .

A story that never faltered despite the moments of distance and even jealousy. On the other hand, it must not have been so easy to be with one of the most seductive women in Italian pop. Rosanna Fratello remembers him with a smile and wryly comments on his cover for Playboy magazine: “It was Malgioglio who convinced me”.

“The most beautiful grandmother in Italy”: the love for the grandchildren of Rosanna Fratello

The couple have an only daughter, Guendalina: “My daughter is extraordinary”. And today, the famous singer redeems the time spent apart from her during her years of success: “I had little time to be close to her, but I left her in the good hands of my parents.”

Like her mother once did, Rosanna now enjoys the role of grandmother. Cristiano Malgioglio, dear friend and colleague, guest of honor at Verissimo, called her “Italy’s most beautiful grandmother”. “I do everything and more for my grandchildren: I cook for them, I take them to school and to the swimming pool and to the tennis court. I dedicate all my free time to you.”