1705893274 VIDEOS At 51 she arrives at La Voix Its time

[VIDÉOS] At 51, she arrives at “La Voix”: “It’s time for me to live my dreams” – Anik St-Pierre – Le Journal de Montréal

Anik St-Pierre has a powerful voice and energy to spare. The 51-year-old singer broke the ice on Sunday by announcing the blind auditions for season 10 of The voice. All the coaches turned when they heard her, and the enthusiastic audience gave her a long, sustained ovation.

The woman from Shawinigan in Mauricie showed off all her talent by performing the hit “River Deep Mountain High” associated with Tina Turner and Celine Dion with poise and dynamism.

VIDEOS At 51 she arrives at La Voix Its time


Originally she wanted to bet on a different song, but since it was impossible to get the rights, she resorted to the classic, which cost her her place on The Voice in France in 2021, where she reached the quarterfinals.

“I kept reconnecting with this song that I didn’t like anymore,” she said with a laugh in an interview with QMI Agency.

Not only does Anik St-Pierre have impressive reach, she moves well and isn't afraid to approach the trainers, even touch them, and she knows how to put the crowd in her pocket.

After finishing her performance with the splits – which prompted France D'Amour to say, “Well, let's see!” – Anik St-Pierre joined Roxane Bruneau's team.

1705893260 377 VIDEOS At 51 she arrives at La Voix Its time

Anik St-Pierre ended his wild performance with the splits. PHOTO BY BERTRAND EXERTIER, PROVIDED BY TVA

“I said to myself, 'Why not do something surprising where I might be the only one of my kind?' Roxane is so real, human, I couldn't have been better. We text each other every day, she’s very approachable.”

A long roadmap

Anik St-Pierre, a singing teacher and owner of her own school, believes that it is never too late to step into the spotlight. When she was younger, she sang a lot on television, on shows like “Montréal en direct” and “Garden Party.”

1705893263 576 VIDEOS At 51 she arrives at La Voix Its time

Coach Roxane Bruneau congratulates the first contestant to join her team. PHOTO BY BERTRAND EXERTIER, PROVIDED BY TVA

In addition to teaching people from her region, artists such as Bryan Audet, Cindy Bédard and Manon Bédard, as well as people with disabilities, she sang throughout her life at private events and on various stages, such as the St-Tite Western Festival, where she has already opened for Mario Pelchat. She also gave him the bill at the Garden Party.

When she was doing The Voice in France, she asked Mario Pelchat for advice, who suggested she take a cue from a certain Roxane Bruneau, who is now her coach at La Voix. It's all in all, as they say.

1705893265 580 VIDEOS At 51 she arrives at La Voix Its time


“I signed with Les Disques Star a long time ago, but life sometimes takes us in different directions. I started teaching, sharing my singing knowledge and helping others. “I have forgotten myself a lot over the years, but now I have reached a certain age and I tell myself that it is time to live my dreams,” said the woman, who also sings at home with her whole family. .

Anik St-Pierre has had an album ready for release since last summer. She will wait for the green light from the La Voix team before revealing it after gaining notoriety through the competition.

“I wish I had a team to help me with all of this. Do you have a producer, a record company.” The call comes.

The coaching teams are taking shape

1705893268 192 VIDEOS At 51 she arrives at La Voix Its time

Coaches Corneille, Roxane Bruneau, France D'Amour and Mario Pelchat. PHOTO BY BERTRAND EXERTIER, PROVIDED BY TVA

Roxane Bruneau

Jonathan Houde, 23, of Thetford Mines
Anik St-Pierre, 51, of Shawinigan


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Wissem, 27 years old from Lyon (France)

France of love

Caroline Allat, 37, from Rawdon
Maude Cyr-Deschênes, 24 years old, from Edmundston, New Brunswick
Guillaume Lessard, 24 years old, from Laval

Mario Pelchat

Priscilla Findlay, 30, of Montreal

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