BBB 24 Wanessa hides to smoke and Alane pulls back

BBB 24: Wanessa hides to smoke and Alane “pulls back his panties TV

Wanessa Camargo was mocked for still hiding out to smoke after two weeks in detention on BBB 24. She explained that she does not want to take part in conversations while smoking, lest she appear live with a cigarette in her hand. Afterwards, the singer and other sisters spoke in a womenonly chat about whether or not they should wear panties all the time in the house. Alane Dias then confessed that she always runs out of money.

This Sunday (21) the brothers relaxed while waiting for the wall. In a quiet moment, Zezé Di Camargo's daughter asked Nizam Hayek for the lighter and was asked by her colleague: “Are you going to hide?” “Always,” the singer replied. The customer service representative then criticized the artist's attitude.

“You already know it. Stop it, stop it. Stop this nonsense. They already know you smoke here,” he commented. “I know, but I don’t do VT. For example, if I do this and a very important conversation happens, the chance that it will be processed is very high,” summarizes Wanessa.

“Do you think yesterday was not for editing?” Nizam asked. The singer wanted to know what situation he was referring to. “In front of us to smoke. We hid to smoke, the drone came behind. “You were stupid,” the nurse commented. “But everyone already knows that I smoke,” Nizam replied.

Panties talk

After talking about cigarettes, Wanessa stayed outside the house and talked to Alane, Deniziane and Leidy Elin about not wearing panties. The topic began with the singer talking about her choice of clothing for tonight and the fear of ending up showing too much. “I think I'll choose this little dress…You have to be careful not to show your p*ss because it's very short,” he said.

Deniziane said she couldn't do without her underwear. “I can't, no, guys… It's really bad to be pantyless,” he explained. “I got it today,” Leidy commented. Wanessa, on the other hand, said that if it was a skirt then she would go without panties, yes.

Alane revealed that she doesn't suffer from it. “I always go out without panties whenever I can. “Today I slept without panties,” he revealed. Leidy also shared his experiences. “These days I did the opposite, I slept in my underwear,” he said with a laugh.