War in the skies four Armata planes crash in Russia

War in the skies: four Armata planes crash in Russia, duel between Patriot and missiles…

The two competitors not only fight hard in Bachmut, but also challenge each other with rocket attacks. The details of episodes protected by secrecy and skirmishes are not always clear. At the same time, Germany is giving Ukraine a strong signal with military aid totaling 2.7 billion euros.

in the viewfinder

Two fighter jets – a Su 35 and a Su 34 – and two Mil 8 helicopters – one for electronic warfare – crashed in the Bryansk border region. The information on this is still uncertain, but according to some reconstructions, the plane would have been shot down. From robbers or, as some suspect, from within Ukrainian territory? And with what system? Should the balance be confirmed, it would be an important tactical novelty, as Kiev would be able to thwart the enemy’s air force operations from a distance. In addition, it would be further proof that the Kremlin continues to have problems in the border areas, which are the scene of sabotage, drone attacks and accidents of mysterious causes.

the duel

On May 6, a US-supplied Patriot intercepted and destroyed a Russian hypersonic Kinzhal missile, one of the new weapons Russia used in the conflict. The news was published in the last few days, but now an aspect is added. For CNN, the target of the hypersonic was the very battery identified by the intruders as soon as they activated their electronic devices. Except, according to the sender, that the shield beat the spear: an intrusion for one’s own protection and not for the protection of any target. Back in December, experts at the War Zone website underscored how the Russians were attempting to destroy coveted loot Patriots along with the Himars rocket launchers. And they reported the opinion of one officer: a battery has at least six launchers, dozens of soldiers, including operators and support personnel, the “trail” left by the detection radar is intense. Factors that can aid in inmate intelligence and reconnaissance.


The German government, after initial precautions, reaffirms an ever-widening commitment and has approved a massive $2.7 billion war package, we are at US level. It consists of: 4 Iris-T anti-aircraft systems and an unknown number of Cheetahs (equipped with rapid-fire machine guns); 30 Leopard 1 tanks; 120 armored personnel carriers, including twenty Marders; 18 x 155 mm Rch self-propelled guns ordered in 2022; surveillance drones, 100 support vehicles; quantity of ammunition. The funding covers sectors critical to Ukraine, namely tools to deal with Russian attacks, artillery and armored units. A basic triad, even if the delivery date of the material is not specified. On the eve of Ukrainian President Zelenskyy’s trip to Germany, the agreement between the industrial group Rheimentall and the Ukrainian UkrOboronProm was confirmed: the two companies will jointly manage a vehicle maintenance center. In a second phase, the Germans will help the partners with direct production. Kiev has already signed similar agreements with neighboring countries to expand the network needed to repair equipment.