What controversial moves did Vallejo claim assuring them were beneficial

What controversial moves did Vallejo claim, assuring them were “beneficial” to Alianza Lima?

Lima Alliance defeated 2-0 Cesar Vallejo University for the inaugural tournament League 1 Betsson 2023. After the conclusion of that meeting, the Poetry team expressed their uneasiness about a series of controversial moves in this duel and filed a formal complaint with the National Referees Commission (CONAR) over Judge Sebastián Lozano’s actions. In this note, we’ll show you each of the actions that the Trujillo team believes have harmed them in front of their familiars.

Carlos Zambrano fouls Jairo Vélez

Towards the end of the first half Carlos Zambrano he committed a hard foul on Jairo Vélez in midfield. the defender of Lima Alliance He grabbed the Ecuadorian by the neck and threw him to the ground with great force. The referee called for a foul, but did not show “León” a yellow card.

Milestone by Ricardo Lagos in the region

On a corner kick in favor of Caesar Vallejo, Ricardo Lagos Renzo Garcés pulled his jersey in the penalty area Lima Alliance. However, the judge did not notice the offense and did not punish the poets.

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Badly sanctioned offside by Cabello

In the 50th minute, the linesman fended off a promising attack Caesar Vallejo for an advanced position Carlos Cabello. However, the replay sees up to three Alianza Lima defenders activating Trujillo right-back.

What controversial moves did Vallejo claim assuring them were beneficialCarlos Cabello is a starter in Vallejo. Photo: Shot from League 1 Max.

Alleged hand of Gino Peruzzi in the area

If there is an air ball during the 72 minutes, Gino Peruzzi will compete against players from Caesar Vallejo In the area of Lima Alliance. The poet footballer won the clash and the ball allegedly collided with the Argentine winger’s hand, but the referee didn’t award a penalty.

1683970470 752 What controversial moves did Vallejo claim assuring them were beneficial Gino Peruzzi joined Alianza in 2022. Photo: Recording of League 1 Max.

An alleged codazo by Gino Peruzzi

At 54 minutes, Gino Peruzzi He stopped a Stefano Olaya counterattack with a free kick. The right side raised his arm in the attacker’s face, for which the judge gave him a yellow card. Caesar Vallejo claims it was an elbow from the Argentine and he should have been sent off,

1683970473 753 What controversial moves did Vallejo claim assuring them were beneficialGino Peruzzi is the owner of Alianza Lima. Photo: Shot from League 1 Max.