What is happening in Venezuela today February 16th Prosecutor defends

What is happening in Venezuela today, February 16th? Prosecutor defends arrest for "terrorism" by Rocio San Miguel

Public prosecutor's office in Venezuela defended the human rights activist’s arrest on “terrorism” charges. Rocio San Miguel, a fact that various NGOs describe as an “escalation” against civil society in a year when presidential elections are approaching. San Miguel, of Venezuelan and Spanish nationality, is accused of “treason,” “terrorism” and “conspiracy.”

Tarek William SaabAttorney General, stated that San Miguel was “directly linked to the operation.” “White Bracelet”an alleged plot denounced by the Chavismo ruler to assassinate President Nicolás Maduro.

“Her mission was to communicate in real time the progress of the planned terrorist actions,” Saab said in a statement to the press, claiming the activist was “accused by the arrested soldiers” in the case.

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DolarToday today, Friday February 16: Price of the dollar in Venezuela

The official web portal DolarToday updated the official price of the dollar in the lowlands to 37.51.

What is happening in Venezuela today February 16th Prosecutor defendsDolarToday: Price of the dollar in Venezuela for today, February 16, 2024. Photo: dolartoday.com

What are home bonds?

The Venezuelan government is continuing its programHome bonds, with the aim of supporting various population groups in the face of the economic situation. Four types of bonuses were granted in September 2023:

  • Bonus against the economic war for civil servants: 945 bolívars.
  • Bonus against the economic war for public sector pensioners: 1,545 bolívars.
  • Chamba bonus for young people: 168.80 bolívars.
  • We are Venezuela Bonus: 168.80 Bolívars.
  • These bonds represent direct aid to Venezuelans, although the government has not yet announced specific dates for the delivery of the next subsidies.

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How do I get the Greater Love Bonus for February 2024?

HeGovernment of Venezuelahas demonstrated its commitment to older adults by promoting their protection, care and social justice. One of the mechanisms is the allocation of the Greater Love Bonus via the Patria system. To get the benefit, follow the steps below:

– Log in to the Patria platform.
– Go to “Wallet” and then “Withdrawal”.
– Select the source wallet, amount and destination of the money.
– Click the “Continue” button and then click “Accept”.
– Finally, the system will show you that the operation was successful and that's it.