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White: What is behind this adorable cooperative game? – RDS video games

Cooperative games will always have a special place in my heart. I played Blanc solo and co-op for a little over two hours. Here’s what I was thinking:

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From the first seconds we remember Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons, since the game mechanics are very similar.

One player (or side of the controller) controls the little black fox, while the other embodies the white deer. Of different sizes, their abilities differ.

The small animal is shorter on the leg. As a result, he can pull objects with his mouth and chew them to cut them.

The deer, for its part, is larger. This allows him to serve as a walking stool for his buddy and also gives him access to higher ground.

The adventure begins when we understand that our two protagonists must find relatives. During our trip we will meet other conspecifics as well as ducks. Otherwise, the snow-covered world is deserted.

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White: What is behind this adorable cooperative game?

Blanc’s simplicity is both its greatest quality and, above all, its greatest flaw. The beauty of the game lies in its monochrome style, but at the same time the lack of color distracts from understanding the landscape.

For example, in the screenshot above, you cannot go everywhere where there is snow. What makes this snow different from the snow we can ride on? I still don’t know.

i feel really bad I would have liked to have had more pleasure than I got out of it during White. However, it’s not bad. It just seems to appeal to a significantly younger clientele than me.

Finally, the comparison with Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons, published 10 years ago, is unavoidable. This is where our four-legged friends have rather limited actions compared to two-legged friends, who can perform a number of different maneuvers with their arms.

Also, we always stay in the same universe throughout the game, we never enter an entire world in a cave, on a big mountain top or something like that. All walls are almost always made of the same type of brick. The game goes for a single long level.

White: What is behind this adorable cooperative game?


(Okay okay that was my last act in that sense)

Of its limitations, its puzzles are simple. Nobody ever dies. White lacks any form of tension. Since the story stays superficial, you don’t get too attached to the characters either, which left me with a feeling of dissatisfaction at the end.

Final negatives: the controls are not always smooth and the camera is sometimes responsive. It’s been a while since I had a weird camera moment!

On the positive side, we mention its original aesthetic and minimalistic music, sometimes reminiscent of Untitled Goose Game. This game does the job for an adult too, but it’s ideal for a kid in elementary school. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s just one thing.


White: What is behind this adorable cooperative game?

After all, what is behind this delightful cooperative game? Few. Everything stays on the surface in a constant atmosphere throughout the experience.

However, the game gains interest with two players. This is a perfect game for a small parent-child or child-child party.

Now that I have to make one last comment, I’m standing in the corner a little drawn. For an adult I wouldn’t recommend it very much in my opinion, but for a child I would definitely recommend it.

In any case, Blanc is a great gift idea to spend time with your child/nephew/niece!

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