Why the Google Pixel Fold costs a fortune and is

Why the Google Pixel Fold costs a fortune and is only available in 4 countries

After revealing the design of the Google Pixel Fold, which was no big surprise, the company has finally revealed more details about its first smartphone. A highly anticipated product as it represents Google’s vision of what a foldable Android smartphone should look like.

The compact design of the Google Pixel Fold

As with an Oppo Find N2, Google has opted for a foldable, compact and rather square format. Without revolutionizing the formula with an outer glass screen (5.8 inches 120Hz) and an inner plastic screen (7.6 inches 120Hz), Google has managed to make it particularly thin (12mm when folded). A clever design that incorporates some elements around the screen but at the expense of large black borders. The phone is IPX8 certified, which is to be expected for a premium product.


The horizontal bar that houses the camera block clearly evokes the identity of a Pixel smartphone. There’s a 48Mpx wide-angle sensor, as well as an ultra-wide and a telephoto lens, both of which are 10.8Mpx. The two selfie cameras (one on each screen) are 8 and 9.5 Mpx.

Google also announces that its three new camera modules are worthy of a high-end smartphone. Claims that obviously need to be verified, even if the brand’s photography expertise (including algorithms) is well documented.

On the performance side, Google integrates its Tensor G2 chip, which can be found in the new Google Pixel 7a, but also in the Pixel 7 and the Pixel 7 Pro. Thus, the manufacturer is clearly not participating in the race for power. You can still count on 12GB of RAM to ensure a smooth multitasking experience.

We end this tour of the properties with autonomy. Google assures that its fold can easily last a whole day. Allegations that once again have to be proven. In fact, the Pixel Fold packs a 4821mAh battery, versus 5000mAh on the Google Pixel 7 Pro, which integrates the same Tensor G2 chip. The latter has decent battery life but only has one screen. Therefore, software optimization will be the key here so that the folding mobile does not have to be recharged before the end of the day. On the charging side, we stick to 30W wired. However, wireless charging is part of it.

A first insight into the software experience

As we told you in the introduction, Google is expected with its Pixel Fold for the simple reason that it is the company that releases Android. His vision of the interface on folding models is therefore viewed with the greatest interest.

Google knows this and claims to have worked with developers on at least 50 apps that take advantage of dual screens. In concrete terms, the display of an application on the small screen must adapt transparently to the large screen when it is opened. THE Google Pixel Fold Since it is a small tablet, the software work of the brand and its partners is also used for the new Google Pixel tablet.


The software experiences shared by Google are not particularly surprising so far. Thus we find the possibility of displaying several applications at the same time. However, the “drag and drop” option is interesting from a productivity perspective using Google tools. The taskbar will be handy too, but nothing we haven’t seen on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 before.

Obviously, Google has some new features for its Pixel, such as the instant translation of a language that uses both screens, showing your original text with the translation just below, but also on the external screen for your interlocutor.


Stratospheric price and limited availability for the Google Pixel Fold

Google charges no less than 1899 euros for this little technological gem. you read correctly That’s 100 euros more than the price of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 at the time of its release. If you’re on that budget and still looking forward to getting one, Google isn’t making it easy for you.

In fact, the Google Pixel Fold will officially only be sold in Germany (€1,899), the UK (£1,749), the US ($1,799) and Japan (¥253,000). France is therefore spared, which reminds us of the bad memories of the first Pixel smartphones that never hit the market in France. For comparison, the new Google Pixel 7a is sold in 17 countries, including ours.

Pixel Fold, Pixel Tablet, Pixel 7a: Google unveils a salvo of new hardware

By selling its Pixel Fold at such a high price and in only four countries, Google wants to show its know-how and get the opinion of a small number of users before proposing a possible Pixel Fold 2, which will hopefully reach a larger market could be marketed scale.