Why was Carlos Gomez excluded from La Casa de los

Why was Carlos Gómez excluded from “La Casa de los Famosos”?

Diana Garcia | Mexico City correspondent

“La Casa de los Famosos” announced that Carlos Gómez, “El Cañón,” has been eliminated from the reality show, and although the details will be revealed on Monday night during its weekly positioning session in the House of Representatives, this is said to have been the case met Rodrigo Romeh.

Maripily Rivera was the one who revealed to the cameras what would have happened and disapproved of the attitude of “El Cañón”.

“Clovis (Nienow) went into the closet, I sent Romeh to check. When Romeh arrives to see where Clovis is, he is already surrounded by Agua's group, especially the boys, talking to him and telling him as if they were attacking him, because that means attacking, they are provoking him. “I think Romeh started defending him. They cornered him so much that Carlos forcibly tried to hide his fist from his face, but he punched him in the jaw and did an act of violence, a cruel act to Romeh,” commented Maripily.

Carlos was nominated but was saved by the week's frontrunners: Robbie Mora and Daniela Alexis “La Bebeshita”.

Who is Carlos Gomez?

Carlos Gómez, known as “El Cañón,” is an athlete and personal trainer. He took part in “Exatlón” in the United States, defending the blue colors.

Diana García is a correspondent for La Voz Arizona in Mexico City. Follow her coverage on X, formerly Twitter, @DianaGaav.