Woman hides that she is a bride so she can

Woman hides that she is a bride so she can have cheaper makeup at the wedding; Is it a scam?

The buffet is one price the wedding buffet is another. Flowers are one price a wedding is another. Makeup is a price for a wedding it can be tripled. Unprepared for this expense, one bride decided to hide the fact that she was getting married and commissioned ordinary makeup. But her story went viral when she was called a fraud by the makeup artist and shared the story online.

Brasíliabased beautician Bruna Eloísa told the story on her TikTok account in a video that had been viewed around 3.5 million times as of the publication of this article. “I contacted several makeup artists but none of them were able to create a social makeup look for a bride. There was only one bridal package with lots of goodies. I just wanted to transform and leave. For one, I asked how much the social getup was and she said R$160. Then when I said I wanted to make an appointment, she asked if I was a bride and said it was R$480,” says Bruna.

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Then she decided to lie: “I contacted someone else, I liked her makeup on Instagram and tagged her. At no point did she ask me if I was a bride, I just said I wanted this makeup, she told me the price and I booked it. When I got there she asked me if I was engaged and I said no because otherwise you saw it, right? And it was my wedding day.” She says she also had her hair done by a professional and took her mother and sisterinlaw to get her makeup done. “I couldn’t and didn’t want to pay for a bridal package.”

The makeup artist finally saw photos from Bruna's wedding and became angry. “There was a huge message on my WhatsApp saying that I was a fraud and that she had suffered the biggest blow of her life, that it was disrespectful to her. “Everyone who sees it thinks I put on makeup and left without paying,” Bruna says. In a note posted on her Instagram profile, she claims that she has been exposed by the professional and is taking legal action.

Bruna ends the video with the words: “If you don't agree with my attitude, just disagree at home.” The appeal was unsuccessful and the case polarized users of her social networks. On the one hand, makeup artists claim that bridal makeup is more expensive because it requires more maintenance, such as products that don't smudge when the person cries, in addition to adding other services such as help getting dressed. On the other hand, it is argued that no one is obliged to say which event they are going to when getting makeup done and that everyone has the right to choose the service they want in the salon.

It is not a crime to charge more for the bridal makeup package, explains the coordinator of the Procon Assembly of Minas, Marcelo Barbosa. But the salon as well as the buffet and other services cannot stop the bride from choosing the cheapest services. “It is an abusive practice within the meaning of Article 39 paragraph 9 of the Consumer Protection Act,” he explains. The excerpt states that the provider of products or services is prohibited from “refusing to sell goods or provide services directly to anyone willing to purchase them for immediate payment.”

This means that the consumer who is prevented from using a simpler service can report the case to Procon and the company can be fined. However, there are some nuances. Barbosa explains that the business can make it clear in the contract that it will charge more if, for example, the number of guests specified by the customer is greater than expected. “If you rent a buffet for 20 people, the number of waiters is one. The contract may stipulate that for each additional person X more will be charged,” he concludes.