Yemen Who is Timhouthi Chalamet this influencer who has become

Yemen: Who is “Timhouthi Chalamet”, this influencer who has become the face of the Houthi rebellion? – Paris game

When he was barely 19 years old, the young Yemeni used his energy to support the Houthi rebellion in Yemen. With his curly hair and the face of an angel, Rachid Al-Haddad is called “Timhouthi Chalamet” by his admirers. A small allusion in the form of a pun to a very vague resemblance to the French-American star actor.

Equipped with his cell phone, the young influencer was thrust into the spotlight through the TikTok videos he filmed on the deck of the Galaxy Leader, a RoRo chartered by a Japanese shipping company and attacked by pirates. 'Ansar Allah on November 19th

The rebellion has gone viral and their accounts are all blocked

“I decided to create a TikTok account to spread my messages and reach out to foreigners because only half of them know why the Houthis are hijacking the ships: to end the siege of Palestine,” explained the young man who all social media accounts have now been banned.

Contrary to appearances, “Timhouthi Chalamet” is not a pirate. Like other young people, this selfie enthusiast was having fun on the deck of the ship on board, ensuring that the Houthi insurgency, which had been largely ignored by the world, became more visible on social networks. Videos from the self-proclaimed “media personality, actor and photographer” have been viewed more than 13 million times.

Increased attacks on ships

The Galaxy Leader ship, still in rebel hands off the port of Hodeidah, has been elevated to tourist attraction status. Every day the Ro-Ro arouses the curiosity of many curious people who come aboard small boats to film themselves on board.

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Since the Oct. 7 attack in Israel, Houthi pirates have increased attacks on merchant vessels in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. These rebels, who control much of Yemeni territory, a country that has been at war for nearly a decade, claim to support the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. And indeed, they have managed to disrupt global industrial activity, particularly in the automotive sector.