Yailín's mother travels to Tekashi's hearing in a wheelchair and asks for justice

The mother of the urban artist Yailín La Más Viral appeared this Saturday in the Courthouse from Ciudad Nueva, where the Level of coercion against him US-American rapper Daniel Hernandez (Tekashi), accused gender-based violence against his daughter.

Ms. Wanda Díaz arrived in a wheelchair because she is at it recreation following recent cosmetic surgery, to attend the hearing, which has been rescheduled for next Thursday, January 25, at 9:00 a.m.

Before entering the room, Wanda expressed her wish: “justice” for the Hit and abuse he believes the artist inflicted on his daughter.

It is recalled that Díaz filed a lawsuit Complaint before the Equal Opportunities Department of the Attorney General's Office on December 15, 2023 with charges Tekashi from Violence physically and psychologically to Yailín, for which the rapper was imprisoned.

Application Level of coercion

He Public Ministry (MP) stated that the defendant's systemic and recidivist violent behavior “is consistent with a potentially feminicidal profile that places victims at risk.” Femicide“.

He also requested a year in the file filed yesterday by the State Ministry, which consists of 15 pages preventative prison as Level of coercion against Tekashi due to allegations of gender-based violence against Yailin The Most Viral.