Yasmin is accused of xenophobia after making fun of Davi

Yasmin is accused of xenophobia after making fun of Davi; understand

Photo: Reproduction/Globoplay February 27, 2024

BBB 24: Yasmin accused of xenophobia after making fun of David; understand


Yasmin Brunet made fun of Davis' accent after his argument with Wanessa Camargo last Wednesday evening (28). The model first imitated the app driver and said, “I can't understand this.” On social media, netizens criticized Yasmin's attitude.

The actress chatted in the kitchen with Zezé di Camargo's daughter Pitel, Giovanna, Michel and Fernanda. The group commented on the previously widespread dispute sparked by the punishments deliberately imposed by Yasmin.

“He doesn't say 'Calm down, Wanessa', he says…” said the model, imitating the Bahian's accent. Fernanda laughed and Giovanna agreed. “I can’t understand what he’s saying,” Yasmin added.

The group's conversation became a topic of conversation on social media. “Yasmin, Wanessa, Pitel, Giovanna are now practicing xenophobia with a Davis accent in the kitchen,” pointed out one internet user. “You can understand what Davi is saying very well, but the locals don't understand it. Yasmin is still imitating his accent,” complained another.

“What Wanessa and Yasmin really want to say about Davi: He was black, walked black, spoke black, wore black, had black hair, a black accent,” one commented, referencing a line from the series “Todo World Hates Chris .”

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