Zendaya does it again paralyzes the networks with a futuristic

Zendaya does it again: paralyzes the networks with a futuristic outfit; “It changed fashion forever,” they say.

The world premiere of “Dune: Part 2” was the perfect backdrop for the American actress Zendaya shine with your appearance. It is known that the protagonist of the series “Euphoria” is an expert in this field FashionBecause at 27 years old she has established herself in this industry and is a reference alongside other great personalities such as Anne Hathaway, Sarah Jessica Parker and the late Marilyn Monroe.

However, Zendaya herself has outdone herself with the latest development see which he wore during the film's premiere London, where he stole the spotlight and left Florecen Pugh, Timothée Chalamet and Austin Butler aside. The reason is simple: thanks to her, the winner of two Emmy Awards has taken fashion to the extreme futuristic outfit.

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The actress broke the networks by imposing futuristic fashion. Instagram.

Zendaya and her most futuristic version thanks to Thierry Mugler

Zendaya chimed in Vintage design very ahead of his time. It's a look from the late French designer Thierry Muglerwhich was inspired by a robot and included the model in his fall-winter 1995 collection, proving he was a visionary. The garment caused a stir at the time, but wearing it was not an option.

“He came to change fashion forever”

This changed thanks to Zendaya, who elegantly brought the design to the stage Armor style that is rigid and All metal. The look includes Transparencies in certain areas of the body, which is daring and daring. Inspired by 90s fashion, Thierry Mugler's design still features a type of shoulder pads that make the outfit impressive.

To complete the outfit, the actress only wore a diamond necklace, showing that anything goes in fashion. As expected, Zendaya's looks caused a stir In social networks, where it was praised by numerous users. “She came to change fashion forever,” one person said on Instagram, while others added that the model is also a fashion icon who has already made history with this outfit.

Zendaya wore a vintage look by the late Thierry Mugler. Instagram.

Revitalize wet hair and clean makeup

To honor the futuristic look, Zendaya used a matching beauty that consisted of wet hair And clean makeup. The hairstyle was trendy between 2022 and 2023 and is characterized by the fact that it gives the impression that she has just come out of the shower. When it comes to make-up, the focus is on caring for the skin so that it looks radiant and fresh.