1705336831 Amateur rider Carles Falcon dies as a result of his

Amateur rider Carles Falcón dies as a result of his fall on the second stage of the Dakar

Amateur rider Carles Falcon dies as a result of his

The amateur driver Carles Falcón (Tarragona, 45 years old) died this Monday, January 15, in Spain as a result of neurological damage caused by cardiac arrest in his accident on the second stage of the 2024 Dakar Rally last Sunday , January 7, were caused. January. The TwinTrail Racing team confirmed the death of the motorcyclist this afternoon after doctors considered his situation to be irreversible.

Falcón was brought to Spain on a medical plane on January 12 and has since been admitted to intensive care at an unspecified hospital and location to respect the family's wishes for privacy. The driver, who was taking part in the Dakar Rally for the second time, had to be resuscitated at the scene of the accident. He was initially taken in serious condition by medical helicopter to Al Duwadimi Hospital in Riyadh province, Saudi Arabia, where he fell into an induced coma. The motorcyclist, who had no pulse and was unconscious after the impact, occurred at kilometer 448 of the 461-kilometer special stage, which began at 7:20 a.m. local time in Al Hanakiyah. The crash occurred at 3:52 p.m. and it was another competitor who immediately alerted emergency services, who took 16 minutes to get to the scene. As a result of the blow to the head, he suffered a fractured cervical vertebra and head trauma with cerebral edema.

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The pilot team reported on the 8th that the planned surgery to repair the fracture of the C2 vertebra was postponed because reducing edema was the top priority. In addition to the already known injuries, the doctors also confirmed other injuries: fractures of five ribs, the left wrist and the collarbone. The Catalan was admitted to the Riyadh Hospital in intensive care on Sunday 7 the same morning, where he was awaiting surgery. When he was transferred to Spain, the doctors had not yet managed to operate on the pilot.

Falcón gave up his job as a computer engineer a few years ago to devote himself to the world of adventure motorcycles and accompanied his friend Isaac Feliu on the Dakar adventure in both 2022 and 2024. Together they promoted the TwinTrail Racing Team project, which was partially financed with the support of his more than 800 followers. “Carles was a smiling, always active person who passionately enjoyed everything he did, especially motorcycles. He made us do something that was his dream: ride the Dakar. I had fun, I was happy on the motorcycle. We must remember him for his smile and the joy he inspired in everyone,” his team shared.

“Motorcycle instructor and motorcycle tour guide with passion. There are many who learned alongside him. He taught with patience, energy and joy and ensured that everyone had fun on the motorcycle. “This is what he left us and we will always keep it with us, all of us who were close to him, family, friends, colleagues and supporters,” the statement continued.

Since 1979, 78 deaths have been registered in the Dakar, 46 of which were non-participants. Falcón is the fourth competitor and third motorcyclist to die since the event was moved to Saudi Arabia. Last year an Italian spectator died during the ninth stage of the rally. The Catalan pilot's family and team have asked that privacy be respected during the farewell events that will take place in the coming days.

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