Ana Hickamnn39s Ex Hints She Would Accept an Open Relationship

Ana Hickamnn's Ex Hints She Would Accept an Open Relationship, Says 'I'm a Cuckold'

Ana Hickamnn's Ex Hints She Would Accept an Open Relationship, Says: 'Am I a Cuckold?' Photo: Reproduction

Published on January 21, 2024 3:01 p.m

Alexandre CorreaExhusband of Ana Hickann commented again on the alleged relationship between the Record TV presenter and Edu Guedes.

In an interview for Ricardo Feltrin's YouTube channel, the businessman claimed to be a “cuckold” and opened up about the issue by saying that Ana had been showing signs of possible betrayal since March 2023.

“It's been several chapters since we put the facts together,” he began, listing the reasons that led him to believe the artist was cheating on him with Edu. “Number one, suddenly she got a second cell phone, number two, she kicked me out of the room, number three, several times she ignored security and wanted to go alone, several times we were in São Paulo, she would find a reason to Fight and say I would come to Itu, I would disappear, I wouldn't show up that day, I wouldn't show up until the next day, I would turn off my phone and forbid people to talk to me and she was at home” , he said.

Correa also said that there was no communication between him and Hickmann and that a good conversation was enough for him to accept the supposed betrayal.

“But I’m a cuckold too, I’m sorry, okay? “A good conversation was enough,” said Alexandre, who, when asked if he would break up, replied: “No, I'm not saying that, but I just had to come and say: Cat, I like another guy,” said he and implied that he would be okay with her having an affair even though she is married.

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