Belinda reveals her feelings after being questioned about Christian Nodal

Belinda reveals her feelings after being questioned about Christian Nodal and Cazzus’ baby

After arriving in Aguascalientes, Mexico to perform at the San Marcos National Fair, Belinda revealed her feelings after being quizzed about Christian Nodal and Cazzus’ baby.

A baby is always a great blessing‘ the singer explained after being quizzed about the news that her ex-fiancé and current partner Cazzu are expecting their first child.

Belinda used the cameras present to send a message to the media as her relationship with Nodal ended more than a year ago and she prefers not to comment on the life of her ex or anyone who is part of her past.

“Please don’t ask me again about past issues, it’s really very annoying because life happens, everyone has their life and I don’t think I have to talk about anyone out of respect for the new family.I always wish everyone the best A baby is a blessing, it’s a joySo I won’t answer anymore I wish you the best“, called.

Belinda wanted to have children with Christian Nodal

After announcing the imminent arrival of the first Christian Nodal and Cazzu’s baby, netizens recalled Belinda, Nodal’s ex-fiancé, wanted to have children with him.



She gave an exclusive interview to Who magazine in 2021, in which she opened up about her desire to become a first-time mom with the man of her life as the couple already had wedding plans for 2022, so their split in February came as a surprise. of the same year.


“I can’t wait to be a mom. It’s a wish we both have and we’ve talked about it before,” the ‘Bella Betrayal’ interpreter said.


“I think when that stage comes it’s going to be very nice, honestly it’s more important now that we get married and that everything happens on time,” he added of the plan they had to make his wish come true.

At the time, the couple was a crowd pleaser. Belinda and Christian Nodal They were seen more in love than ever at the events they attended and their fans awaited the arrival of a baby, the product of their love.

Christian Nodal confirms that he will be a father with Cazzu

Last weekend, Cazzu announced her pregnancy during a concert in Argentina, and her boyfriend and father of her future baby, Christian knotsconfirmed the news during his presentation at the Palenque of the San Marcos National Fair.

Christian Nodal did not miss the wonderful news at his concert and was happy to be a father for the first time.

The “Adiós amor” performer sent a message to all his fans and joked about the situation, mentioning that “he’s not a dad anymore”.

“To all the fans from the heart who are always there for me, who always support me, the news I’m not a daddy anymore, now I’m a daddy and I want to thank you for all your support,” Nodal said during his presentation at the San Marcos Fair.

Nodal is happy to be a father

Cazzu shows off her pregnant belly

Last weekend, the Movistar Arena in Buenos Aires exploded cazzu he dropped the cloak that covered his stomach. Dressed in white, with banners and in a profile pose confirming her pregnancythe rapper squashed the rumors of motherhood.

“The people who came to accompany me are very important. Thank you,” said the artist. “Don’t you think I sing better?” he asked, and then came the most emotional moment: “It’s just like we’re singing together now, like something’s going to happen, I pee more often.”

He then continued: “Even so, like all of you, as you can see the same things happen to me. If I trip I’ll hurt myself, if I don’t take care of myself I’ll get pregnant. The same.” The Argentine audience applauded her every sentence.

Cazzu couldn’t wait any longer and revealed his pregnancy when his show was just beginning, immediately provoked the reaction of the hundreds of people who filled the place and created a special atmosphere for the rest of the concert.

Cazzu will have her first baby with Christian Nodal

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