CNN is under fire for its show with Trump

CNN is under fire for its show with Trump

The American news channel CNN defended its program with Donald Trump on Wednesday evening after heavy criticism, especially from the ranks of the Democrats, as a “first-class” piece of journalism because the former president multiplied the provocations there in front of convinced supporters.

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This “Town Hall”, a major ritual in American politics, has marked the return of Donald Trump in such a format on the channel since 2016.

CNN had chosen to confront Donald Trump, the polls’ favorite for the Republican Party’s 2024 presidential nomination, with questions from voters presenting themselves as Republican or undecided, with journalist Kaitlan Collins moderating.

In this regard, Donald Trump repeatedly reiterated – without evidence, Kaitlan Collins reminded him – that the 2020 presidential election had been “rigged” and that he was inclined to pardon some of his supporters for invading the Capitol. 2021, mostly to the applause and hilarity of some of his supporters.

The day after she was handed down a civil judgment by a New York City jury in 1996 to pay former journalist E. Jean Carroll $5 million in damages for sexual harassment and subsequent defamation, the former president called her “insane.” , to the laughter of the audience.

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“CNN simply cannot ignore the fact that it resulted in a sexual assault victim being targeted and assaulted on national television the day after the verdict was passed,” said the Democratic Party’s left-wing House Representative-elect Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, on.

The criticism came not only from the ranks of the Democrats. “It’s hard to see how America was served by the show of lies that aired on CNN Wednesday night,” wrote the news channel’s reporter in charge of covering Americans’ lives on his blog hosted by Olivier Darcy.

“Throughout the night (Donald) Trump frequently ignored (Kaitlan) Collins or spoke up while pouring out a torrent of misinformation about the country that a significant segment of the Republican Party continues to believe,” he said. -he adds.

However, in a brief statement to the media, the broadcaster said Kaitlan Collins “depicted what it means to be a first-class journalist” by asking “difficult, fair and insightful questions”.

“She tracked and fact-checked in real time to give voters crucial insights into the positions of President Trump, who is running as the Republican front runner in the 2024 election,” adds CNN.