1706169160 Culver Academies the military school that attracts famous Mexicans and

Culver Academies, the military school that attracts famous Mexicans and costs $61,000 a year

Culver Academies has become the preferred educational institution for celebrities for their children.  (Photo by Handout/Biden Inaugural Committee via Getty Images)

Culver Academies has become the preferred educational institution for celebrities for their children. (Photo by Handout/Biden Inaugural Committee via Getty Images)

Actor and businessman Roberto Palazuelos proudly boasted that his son Roberto became an officer at Culver Military Academy, a private college preparatory boarding school in Culver, Indiana, in the United States.

Palazuelos and his ex-wife Ana Yadira Garza agreed to enroll the boy in this military school because of its tradition of training leaders in various fields and because they develop a disciplinary structure among their students. “You have learned to obey and discipline yourself. Today you will become a leader and boss,” Black Diamond wrote on the photo he took with his son and shared on networks.

An expensive elite academy

Culver Military Academy is one of three institutions that make up the Culver Academies. The other two are: Culver Girls Academy (military school for women) and Culver Summer Schools and Camps (military summer school).

Three of the training areas that the academies excel at developing future professionals in these areas are sports and art and literature. On the occasion of its 100th anniversary The Culver Academies opened its Halls of Fame in 1994 with the first newcomers who made a career in sports.

The first posthumous investor was Walter O'Malley, former owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers and responsible for the relocation of the New York Giants to San Francisco within Major League Baseball (MLB). The oldest member of the Sports Hall of Fame was Eddie Cameron, who rose to fame as a college football coach at Duke University from the 1920s to 1940s.

As for arts and literature, the Curver Hall of Fame was inaugurated in 2004. One of the first additions was legendary Hollywood actor Hal Holbrook, known for his role as Deep Throat in All the President's Men (1976). Another honoree was Marcia Mayo, Vice President of the Board of Directors of the United States Overseas Conservation Fund.

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Based on the names of the different generations inducted into the Halls of Fame, the profile of career choices of Culver Academies graduates can be seen: production, managerial and managerial positions. This reflects the vision of leadership that the institution promotes in its students.

Currently applies to the specified period of the second half of 2023 and the first half of 2024 The cost for the school year is $61,000 per student (equivalent to 1,049,810 Mexican pesos). The fee includes tuition, room and board.

Vadhir Derbez.  (Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images)Vadhir Derbez.  (Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images)

Vadhir Derbez. (Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images)

The Mexicans who went through the Culver Academies

Emilio Azcárraga Milmo, the late owner of Televisa, graduated from the school in 1948, and motorsportsman Mario Domínguez studied there after representing Mexico in world karting championships, most recently in France in 1991.

Vadhir Derbez also went through this institution, from which he was allegedly expelled in 2010 after being accused of inappropriately touching a 15-year-old girl.

In addition to the Palazuelos family, Culver Military Academy attracted singer Ana Bárbara so her son Emiliano could attend high school. The boy graduated in 2021. During his hospital stay, Emiliano was able to stay in touch with his mother and brothers during the holidays when he joined them in Los Angeles.

In June 2023, actress of Mexican descent Loreto Peralta graduated from Culver Girls Academy. After completing his high school studies, he stated that his first choice of university was the University Southern California.

This educational complex was founded by Henry Harrison Culver in 1894, three years before his death in 1897.

Culver was an American businessman and philanthropist who amassed a large fortune as a businessman. His business was selling kitchen supplies, primarily cast iron stoves. He had a stint as a furniture salesman, but it didn't go well, so he focused on the furnace business and founded the Wrought Iron Range Company. For health reasons, he settled in Missouri near Lake Maxin Kuckee, Indiana, in 1883. There he decided to allocate his capital to establish military school academies.

With a prestige of 130 years, The Culver Academies have become the center of interest for famous Mexicans so that their children or themselves (as was the case with Loreto) learn before going to university.


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